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Portland Trail Blazers all-time roster

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Title: Portland Trail Blazers all-time roster  
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Portland Trail Blazers all-time roster

LaMarcus Aldridge is currently the longest-tenured player on the roster.

The Portland Trail Blazers, commonly known as the Blazers, are an American professional basketball team based in Portland, Oregon. They play in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The Trail Blazers originally played their home games in the Memorial Coliseum, before moving to the Rose Garden in 1995. The franchise entered the league in 1970, and Portland has been its only home city. The franchise has enjoyed a strong following; from 1977 through 1995, the team sold out 814 consecutive home games, the longest such streak in American major professional sports.[1] The Trail Blazers are the only team in the major professional North American sports leagues located in the state of Oregon. The Trail Blazers are also currently the only NBA team based in the binational Pacific Northwest, after the Vancouver Grizzlies relocated to Memphis and became the Memphis Grizzlies in 2001, and the Seattle SuperSonics relocated to Oklahoma City and became the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008.

The team has advanced to the NBA Finals three times, winning the NBA Championship once, in 1977. The other NBA Finals appearances were in 1990 and 1992.[2] The team has qualified for the playoffs in 29 seasons of their 42-season existence, including a streak of 21 straight appearances from 1983 through 2003, the second longest streak in NBA history.[3][4] Six Hall of Fame players have played for the Trail Blazers (Lenny Wilkens, Bill Walton, Clyde Drexler, Dražen Petrović, Arvydas Sabonis, and Scottie Pippen).[5] Bill Walton is the franchise's most decorated player; he was the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player in 1977, and the regular season MVP the following year.[2][6] Four Blazer rookies (Geoff Petrie, Sidney Wicks, Brandon Roy, Damian Lillard) have won the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Two Hall of Fame coaches, Lenny Wilkens and Jack Ramsay, have patrolled the sidelines for the Blazers, and two others, Mike Schuler and Mike Dunleavy, have won the NBA Coach of the Year award with the team.[7]

The following is a list of players, both past and current, who appeared in at least one game for the Portland Trail Blazers NBA franchise.

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No. Jersey number
* Denotes player who has been inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame
^ Denotes player who is currently on the Blazers roster
# Denotes jersey number that has been retired by the Blazers


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Alaa Abdelnaby 31  Egypt Forward 1990–1992 Duke
Shareef Abdur-Rahim 33  United States Forward 2004–2005 California
Rick Adelman 12  United States Guard 1970–1973 Loyola Marymount
Danny Ainge 9  United States Guard 1990–1992 BYU
LaMarcus Aldridge^ 12  United States Forward 2006–present Texas
Dan Anderson 33  United States Guard 1974–1976 USC
Derek Anderson 1  United States Guard 2001–2005 Kentucky
Kenny Anderson 7  United States Guard 1996–1998 Georgia Tech
Kim Anderson 42  United States Forward 1978–1979 Missouri
Richard Anderson 35  United States Forward 1987–1988 UC Santa Barbara
Greg Anthony 50  United States Guard 1998–2001 UNLV
Vincent Askew 17  United States Guard 1997–1998 Memphis
Stacey Augmon 2  United States Guard 1997–2001 UNLV
Dennis Awtrey 21  United States Center 1981–1982 Santa Clara


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Luke Babbitt 11; 8  United States Forward 2010–2013 Nevada
Carl Bailey 21  United States Center 1982 Tuskegee
Maurice Baker 4  United States Guard 2005 Oklahoma State
Erick Barkley 21; 12  United States Guard 2000–2002 St. John's
Jim Barnett 33  United States Guard 1970–1971 Oregon
Earl Barron 40  United States Center 2011 Memphis
Will Barton^ 5  United States Guard 2012–present Memphis
Billy Ray Bates 12  United States Guard 1979–1982 Kentucky State
Nicolas Batum^ 88  France Forward 2008–present Le Mans (France)
Jerryd Bayless 4  United States Guard 2008–2010 Arizona
Walter Berry 21  United States Forward 1986 St. John's
Joe Binion 50  United States Forward 1987 North Carolina A&T
Steve Blake^ 2; 25  United States Guard 2005–2006; 2007–2010; 2014-present Maryland
Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje 44  Cameroon Center 2001–2003 Georgetown
Sam Bowie 31  United States Center 1984–1989 Kentucky
Adrian Branch 24  United States Guard 1988–1989 Maryland
Jim Brewer 52  United States Forward 1979–1980 Minnesota
Ron Brewer 10  United States Guard 1978–1981 Arkansas
Marcus Brown 4  United States Guard 1996–1997 Murray State
Rick Brunson 9  United States Guard 1997–1998; 2001–2002 Temple
Mark Bryant 2  United States Forward 1988–1995 Seton Hall
Don Buse 10  United States Guard 1982–1983 Evansville
Mitchell Butler 6  United States Guard 1996–2002 UCLA


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Corky Calhoun 10  United States Forward 1976–1978 Pennsylvania
Marcus Camby 21; 23  United States Center 2010–2012 UMass
Geno Carlisle 4  United States Guard 2004 California
Kenny Carr 34  United States Forward 1982–1986 North Carolina State
Matt Carroll 31  United States Guard 2003–2004 Notre Dame
Kelvin Cato 31  United States Center 1997–1999 Iowa State
Randolph Childress 12  United States Guard 1995–1997 Wake Forest
Victor Claver^ 18  Spain Forward 2012–present Valencia (Spain)
Barry Clemens 40  United States Forward 1974–1976 Ohio Wesleyan
Jarron Collins 31  United States Forward 2011 Stanford
Steve Colter 20  United States Guard 1984–1986 New Mexico State
Anthony Cook 38  United States Forward 1995–1996 Arizona
Omar Cook 10  United States Guard 2004 St. John's
Wayne Cooper 42  United States Center 1982–1984; 1989–1992 New Orleans
Allen Crabbe^ 23  United States Guard 2013–present California
Jamal Crawford 11  United States Guard 2011–2012 Michigan
Geoff Crompton 45  United States Center 1980–1981 North Carolina
John Crotty 12  United States Guard 1997–1999 Virginia
Dante Cunningham 33  United States Forward 2009–2011 Villanova


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Antonio Daniels 10  United States Guard 2002–2003 Bowling Green State
Bob Davis 25  United States Forward 1972–1973 Weber State
Dale Davis 34  United States Forward 2000–2004 Clemson
Charlie Davis 17  United States Guard 1972–1973 Wake Forest
Johnny Davis 16  United States Guard 1976–1978 Dayton
Walter Davis 6  United States Guard 1991 North Carolina
Dan Dickau 7; 2  United States Guard 2004; 2006–2007 Gonzaga
Kaniel Dickens 28  United States Forward 2003–2004 Idaho
Travis Diener 27  United States Guard 2010 Marquette
Ike Diogu 1  Nigeria/ United States Forward 2008–2009 Arizona State
Terry Dischinger 42  United States Forward 1972–1973 Purdue
Juan Dixon 3  United States Guard 2005–2007 Maryland
Aleksandar Đorđević 19  Yugoslavia Guard 1996 Fortitudo Bologna (Italy)
Jacky Dorsey 44  United States Forward 1975–1976; 1978 Georgia
Clyde Drexler* 22#  United States Guard 1983–1995 Houston
Kevin Duckworth 00  United States Center 1987–1993 Eastern llinois
Chris Dudley 14  United States Center 1993–1997 Yale
T. R. Dunn 23  United States Guard 1977–1980 Alabama


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
James Edwards 53  United States Center 1994–1995 Washington
Mario Elie 17  United States Guard 1992–1993 American International
LeRoy Ellis 25  United States Center 1970–1971 St. John's
Chris Engler 50  United States Center 1986 Wyoming
Claude English 15  United States Forward 1970–1971 Rhode Island


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Raymond Felton 5  United States Guard 2011–2012 North Carolina
Desmond Ferguson 5  United States Guard 2004 Detroit
Rudy Fernández 5  Spain Guard 2008–2011 DKV Joventut (Spain)
Rolando Ferreira 32  Brazil Center 1988–1989 Houston
Jonny Flynn 3  United States Guard 2012 Syracuse
Richie Frahm 14  United States Guard 2004–2005 Gonzaga
Joel Freeland^ 19  England Forward 2012-present Unicaja Málaga (Andalusia)
Channing Frye 44  United States Forward 2007–2009 Arizona
Bernie Fryer 13  United States Guard 1973–1974 BYU


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Mike Gale 11  United States Guard 1980–1981 Elizabeth City State
Kevin Gamble 35  United States Forward 1987 Iowa
Eddie Gill 4  United States Guard 2004 Weber State
Herm Gilliam 3  United States Guard 1976–1977 Purdue
Walt Gilmore 48  United States Forward 1970–1971 Fort Valley State
Stephen Graham 24  United States Forward 2006–2007 Oklahoma State
Brian Grant 44  United States Forward 1997–2000 Xavier
Gary Grant 23  United States Guard 1998 Michigan
Harvey Grant 44  United States Forward 1993–1996 Oklahoma
Taurean Green 0  United States Guard 2007–2008 Florida
Gary Gregor 44  United States Forward 1970–1972 South Carolina
Bob Gross 30#  United States Forward 1975–1982 Long Beach State
Pétur Guðmundsson 40  Iceland Center 1981–1982 Washington


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Shaler Halimon 11  United States Guard 1970–1971 Utah State
Roy Hamilton 23  United States Guard 1980–1981 UCLA
Michael Harper 32  United States Center 1980–1982 North Park
Antonio Harvey 4  United States Forward 1999–2001 Pfeiffer
Steve Hawes 10  United States Center 1975–1976 Washington
Steve Henson 12  United States Guard 1994–1995 Kansas State
J. J. Hickson 21  United States Forward 2012–2013 North Carolina State
Sean Higgins 19  United States Forward 1997 Michigan
Lionel Hollins 14#  United States Guard 1975–1980 Arizona State
Michael Holton 6  United States Guard 1986–1988 UCLA
Juwan Howard 6  United States Forward 2009–2010 Michigan


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Darrall Imhoff 35  United States Center 1971–1972 California
Byron Irvin 23  United States Guard 1989–1990 Missouri


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Jarrett Jack 1  United States Guard 2005–2008 Georgia Tech
Jaren Jackson 21  United States Guard 1993–1994 Georgetown
Jim Jackson 19  United States Guard 1999 Ohio State
Abdul Jeelani 11  United States Forward 1979–1980 Wisconsin–Parkside
Jared Jeffries 1  United States Forward 2012–2013 Indiana
Armon Johnson 1  United States Guard 2010–2012 Nevada
Chris Johnson 17  United States Center 2011; 2012 LSU
Clemon Johnson 44  United States Center 1978–1979 Florida A&M
Dave Johnson 4  United States Guard 1992–1993 Syracuse
John Johnson 27  United States Forward 1973–1975 Iowa
Ken Johnson 00  United States Forward 1985–1987 Michigan State
Ollie Johnson 44  United States Forward 1972–1974 Temple
Steve Johnson 33  United States Forward 1986–1989 Oregon State
Nate Johnston 33  United States Forward 1989–1990 Tampa
Caldwell Jones 27  United States Center 1985–1989 Albany State
Charles Jones 8  United States Forward 1987–1988 Louisville
Fred Jones 0  United States Guard 2007 Oregon
James Jones 33  United States Forward 2007–2008 Miami
Robin Jones 34  United States Forward 1976–1977 St. Louis
Steve Jones 23  United States Guard 1975–1976 Oregon
Eddie Jordan 5  United States Guard 1984 Rutgers
Reggie Jordan 31  United States Guard 1996–1997 New Mexico State
Jeff Judkins 22  United States Guard 1982–1983 Utah


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Chris Kaman^ 35  United States Center 2014–present Central Michigan
Shawn Kemp 40  United States Forward 2000–2002 Trinity Valley CC
Steve Kerr 25  United States Guard 2001–2002 Arizona
Jerome Kersey 25  United States Forward 1984–1995 Longwood
Viktor Khryapa 38  Russia Forward 2004–2006 CSKA Moscow
Joe Kleine 35  United States Center 1999–2000 Arkansas
Negele Knight 11  United States Guard 1994 Dayton
Ron Knight 38  United States Forward 1970–1972 Cal State-Los Angeles
Kevin Kunnert 44  United States Center 1979–1982 Iowa


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Raef LaFrentz 9  United States Forward 2006–2009 Kansas
Jeff Lamp 3  United States Forward 1981–1984 Virginia
Dennis Layton 12  United States Guard 1973 USC
Greg Lee 42  United States Guard 1975–1976 UCLA
Meyers Leonard^ 11  United States Center 2012–present Illinois
Voshon Lenard 0  United States Guard 2006 Minnesota
Lafayette Lever 12  United States Guard 1982–1984 Arizona State
Damian Lillard^ 0  United States Guard 2012-present Weber State
Alton Lister 53  United States Forward 1997–1998 Arizona State
Robin Lopez^ 42  United States Center 2013-present Stanford
Maurice Lucas 20#  United States Forward 1976–1980; 1987–1988 Marquette
Phil Lumpkin 10  United States Guard 1974–1975 Miami (Ohio)


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Jamaal Magloire 21  Canada Center 2006–2007 Kentucky
Ed Manning 35  United States Forward 1970–1971 Jackson State
Sean Marks 4  New Zealand/ United States Forward 2010–2011 California
Jim Marsh 41  United States Forward 1971–1972 USC
Brian Martin 21  United States Forward 1985–1986 Kansas
Fernando Martin 10  Spain Center 1986–1987 Real Madrid (Spain)
LaRue Martin 35  United States Center 1972–1976 Loyola
Wesley Matthews^ 2  United States Guard 2010-present Marquette
Clyde Mayes 22  United States Forward 1977 Furman
Eric Maynor 6  United States Guard 2013 VCU
Willie McCarter 17  United States Guard 1971–1972 Drake
C. J. McCollum^ 3  United States Guard 2013-present Lehigh
Hank McDowell 7  United States Forward 1982–1983 Memphis
Jeff McInnis 5  United States Guard 2002–2004 North Carolina
Aaron McKie 23  United States Forward 1994–1997 Temple
Stan McKenzie 40  United States Forward 1970–1972 New York
Jim McMillian 5  United States Forward 1978–1979 Columbia
Josh McRoberts 4  United States Forward 2007–2008 Duke
Darius Miles 23  United States Forward 2004–2006 East St. Louis HS
Andre Miller 24  United States Guard 2009–2011 Utah
Patrick Mills 8  Australia Guard 2009–2011 Saint Mary's
Sergei Monia 12  Russia Guard 2005–2006 CSKA Moscow
Ronnie Murphy 34  United States Forward 1987–1988 Jacksonville
Tracy Murray 31; 35  United States Forward 1992–1995; 2003 UCLA
Dorie Murrey 41  United States Forward 1970 Detroit


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Calvin Natt 33  United States Forward 1980–1984 Louisiana–Monroe
Craig Neal 10  United States Guard 1988–1989 Georgia Tech
Lloyd Neal 36#  United States Center 1972–1979 Tennessee State
Ruben Nembhard 9  United States Guard 1997 Weber State
Audie Norris 24  United States Forward 1982–1985 Jackson State
Willie Norwood 24  United States Forward 1978 Alcorn State


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Jermaine O'Neal 5  United States Forward 1996–2000 Eau Claire HS
Fabricio Oberto 21  Argentina/ Italy Center 2010 Pamesa Valencia (Spain)
Greg Oden 52  United States Center 2007–2012 Ohio State
Travis Outlaw 25  United States Forward 2003–2010 Starkville HS
Tom Owens 25  United States Center 1977–1981 South Carolina


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Robert Pack 14  United States Guard 1991–1992 USC
Ruben Patterson 21  United States Forward 2001–2006 Cincinnati
Sasha Pavlović 3  Serbia Forward 2012–2013 KK Budućnost (Montenegro)
Jim Paxson 4  United States Guard 1979–1988 Dayton
Jeff Pendergraph 31  United States Forward 2009–2010 Arizona State
Will Perdue 55  United States Center 2000–2001 Vanderbilt
Wesley Person 7  United States Guard 2003–2004 Auburn
Geoff Petrie 45#  United States Guard 1970–1976 Princeton
Dražen Petrović* 44  Yugoslavia Guard 1989–1991 Real Madrid (Spain)
Tom Piotrowski 54  United States Center 1983–1984 La Salle
Scottie Pippen* 33  United States Forward 1999–2003 Central Arkansas
Terry Porter 30#  United States Guard 1985–1995 Wisconsin–Stevens Point
Ronnie Price 24  United States Guard 2012–2013 Utah Valley
Joel Przybilla 10  United States Center 2004–2011; 2012 Minnesota


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Shavlik Randolph 42  United States Forward 2008–2009; 2009–2010 Duke
Zach Randolph 50  United States Forward 2001–2007 Michigan State
Kelvin Ransey 14  United States Guard 1980–1982 Ohio State
Theo Ratliff 42  United States Forward 2004–2006 Wyoming
Robert Reid 50  United States Forward 1989 St. Mary's (Texas)
Jeremy Richardson 3  United States Forward 2007 Delta State
Isaiah Rider 34  United States Guard 1996–1999 UNLV
Rick Roberson 30  United States Forward 1973–1974 Cincinnati
Cliff Robinson 3  United States Forward 1989–1997 UConn
James Robinson 26  United States Guard 1993–1996 Alabama
Rumeal Robinson 21  United States Guard 1996–1997 Michigan
Thomas Robinson^ 41  United States Forward 2013-present Kansas
Sergio Rodríguez 11  Spain Guard 2006–2009 CB Estudiantes (Spain)
Carlos Rogers 4  United States Forward 1998–1999 Tennessee State
Ron Rowan 11  United States Forward 1987 St. John's
Brandon Roy 7  United States Guard 2006–2011 Washington
Delaney Rudd 11  United States Guard 1993 Wake Forest
Michael Ruffin 51  United States Forward 2009 Tulsa


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Arvydas Sabonis* 11  Lithuania Center 1995–2001; 2002–2003 Real Madrid (Spain)
Tom Scheffler 50  United States Center 1984–1985 Purdue
Luke Schenscher 24  Australia Center 2007 Georgia Tech
Dale Schlueter 54  United States Center 1970–1972; 1977–1978 Colorado State
Detlef Schrempf 12  Germany Forward 1999–2001 Washington
Ha Seung-Jin 5  South Korea Center 2004–2006 Portland Reign
Brian Shaw 7  United States Guard 1999 UC Santa Barbara
Mark Sibley 11  United States Guard 1973–1974 Northwestern
Jerry Sichting 14  United States Guard 1988–1989 Purdue
Brian Skinner 54  United States Forward 2006–2007 Baylor
Reggie Slater 40  United States Forward 1995 Wyoming
Charles Smith 7  United States Guard 2002–2003 New Mexico
Craig Smith 83  United States Forward 2011–2012 Boston College
Greg Smith 4  United States Forward 1972–1975 Western Kentucky
Nolan Smith 4  United States Guard 2011–2013 Duke
Steve Smith 8  United States Guard 1999–2001 Michigan State
Reggie Smith 54  United States Center 1992–1994 TCU
William Smith 43  United States Center 1971–1973 Syracuse
Willie Smith 11  United States Guard 1978–1979 Missouri
Elmore Spencer 27  United States Center 1996 UNLV
Larry Steele 15#  United States Guard 1971–1980 Kentucky
Vladimir Stepania 11 Georgia Center 2003–2004 KK Union Olimpija (Slovenia)
Brook Steppe 7  United States Guard 1989 Georgia Tech
Damon Stoudamire 3  United States Guard 1998–2005 Arizona
Bill Stricker 34  United States Forward 1970–1971 Pacific
Rod Strickland 1  United States Guard 1992–1996 DePaul
Lamont Strothers 12  United States Guard 1991–1992 Christopher Newport


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Sebastian Telfair 31  United States Guard 2004–2006 Abraham Lincoln HS
Ira Terrell 33  United States Forward 1979 SMU
Hasheem Thabeet 34  Tanzania Center 2012 UConn
James Thomas 0  United States Forward 2004–2005 Texas
Kurt Thomas 40  United States Forward 2011–2012 TCU
Bernard Thompson 33  United States Forward 1984–1985 Fresno State
Kevin Thompson 35  United States Center 1993–1994 North Carolina State
Mychal Thompson 43  Bahamas/ United States Forward 1978–1986 Minnesota
Otis Thorpe 33  United States Forward 1995 Providence
Anthony Tolliver 44  United States Forward 2009 Creighton
Linton Townes 2  United States Forward 1982–1983 James Madison
Gary Trent 33  United States Forward 1995–1998 Ohio
Bill Turner 34  United States Forward 1972 Akron
Dave Twardzik 13#  United States Guard 1976–1980 Old Dominion


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Ime Udoka 5  United States Forward 2006–2007 Portland State


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Darnell Valentine 14  United States Guard 1981–1986 Kansas
Kiki Vandeweghe 55  United States Forward 1984–1989 UCLA
Nick Van Exel 19  United States Guard 2004–2005 Cincinnati
Bob Verga 17  United States Guard 1973–1974 Duke
Peter Verhoeven 31  United States Forward 1981–1984 Fresno State
Slavko Vraneš 29  Montenegro Center 2004 Budućnost Podgorica


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Von Wafer 24  United States Guard 2008 Florida State
Wally Walker 42  United States Forward 1976–1978 Virginia
Gerald Wallace 3  United States Forward 2011–2012 Alabama
Rasheed Wallace 30  United States Forward 1996–2004 North Carolina
Bill Walton* 32#  United States Center 1974–1978 UCLA
Kermit Washington 42  United States Forward 1979–1982 American
Earl Watson 17  United States Guard 2013-2014 UCLA
Martell Webster 8; 23  United States Guard 2006–2010 Seattle Prep
Bonzi Wells 6  United States Guard 1998–2003 Ball State
Ennis Whatley 8  United States Guard 1991–1992; 1997 Alabama
Clinton Wheeler 11  United States Guard 1989 William Paterson
Sidney Wicks 21  United States Forward 1971–1976 UCLA
Lenny Wilkens* 19  United States Guard 1974–1975 Providence
Alvin Williams 21  United States Guard 1997–1998 Villanova
Buck Williams 52  United States Forward 1989–1996 Maryland
Elliot Williams 9  United States Guard 2010–2013 Memphis
Mo Williams 25  United States Guard 2013–2014 Alabama
Walt Williams 42  United States Forward 1998–1999 Maryland
Nikita Wilson 41  United States Forward 1987 LSU
Dontonio Wingfield 10  United States Forward 1995–1998 Cincinnati
Dave Wohl 13  United States Guard 1972 Pennsylvania
Joe Wolf 6  United States Forward 1992–1993 North Carolina
Qyntel Woods 24  United States Forward 2002–2005 NE Mississippi CC
Dorell Wright^ 1  United States Forward 2013–present South Kent School


Player No. Nationality Position Years Played with Blazers School/Club Team
Charlie Yelverton 11  United States Guard 1971–1972 Fordham
Danny Young 21  United States Guard 1988–1992 Wake Forest
Perry Young 2  United States Guard 1986–1987 Virginia Tech


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