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Raintree Pictures

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Title: Raintree Pictures  
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Subject: MediaCorp, Catherine Lim, Cinema of Singapore, I Not Stupid, List of Singaporean films, The Truth About Jane and Sam, August 2005 in Malaysia and Singapore, Megan Zheng, Phyllis Quek
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Raintree Pictures

MediaCorp Raintree Pictures (simplified Chinese: 星霖电影; traditional Chinese: 星霖電影; pinyin: Xīnglín Diànyĭng) is a film production company based in Singapore. The company, a division of MediaCorp Group, was established in 31 March 1996. The company occasionally ties up with other film companies to produce Asian or Western films. The company produced the Singaporean comedy, Liang Po Po: The Movie featuring the cross-dressing Jack Neo, which was an instant comedy hit in the republic. It financed a second film produced by Hong Kong's Film Unlimited, The Truth About Jane and Sam, which was directed by Derek Yee, a respected director in the region. That film garnered a Best New Performer nomination at the 19th Hong Kong Film Awards for its lead actress, Singapore's Fann Wong.

Since then, Raintree has gone on to co-produce many films with other countries, including The Eye, Infernal Affairs II and The Eye 2. Many of its films have won awards, such as the Golden Horse Awards from Taiwan, where child actress Megan Zheng won an award in the Best Newcomer Award category for her performance in the film Homerun. When the Singaporean satirical film I Not Stupid was released in 2002, it held the No. 1 position on the weekend box office chart in Singapore. The film was later shown in a number of countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and China. Many films produced by Raintree have also done well at local box offices and most have topped the charts for at least a week.

Films made

  1. 2011 It's A Great Great World (大世界)
  2. 2009 Sing To The Dawn
  3. 2009 Painted Skin (画皮)
  4. 2009 The Wedding Game (大喜事)
  5. 2008 Money No Enough 2 (钱不够用2)
  6. 2008 12 Lotus (十二莲花)
  7. 2008 Rule No. 1 (第一戒)
  8. 2008 The Leap Years (誓约)
  9. 2008 Ah Long Pte Ltd (老师嫁老大)
  10. 2007 The Tattooist
  11. 2007 The Home Song Stories (意)
  12. 2007 881
  13. 2007 Protégé (Co-produced with Artforce International) (门徒)
  14. 2007 One Last Dance (茶舞)
  15. 2006 I Not Stupid Too (小孩不笨2)
  16. 2005 The Maid (女佣)
  17. 2005 I Do I Do (爱都爱都)
  18. 2004 The Best Bet (突然发财)
  19. 2004 The Eye 2 (Co-produced with Applause Pictures) (见鬼2)
  20. 2003 Infernal Affairs II (Co-produced with Media Asia) (无间道II)
  21. 2003 Turn Left, Turn Right (Co-produced with Warner Bros. Asia) (向左走向右走)
  22. 2003 Homerun (跑吧,孩子)
  23. 2002 The Eye (Co-produced with Applause Pictures) (见鬼)
  24. 2002 I Not Stupid (小孩不笨)
  25. 2001 One Leg Kicking (一脚踢)
  26. 2001 The Tree (孩子•树)
  27. 2000 Chicken Rice War (鸡缘巧合)
  28. 2000 2000 AD (Co-produced with Millenium Films for United States) (公元2000AD)
  29. 1999 The Truth About Jane and Sam (Co-produced with Film Unlimited) (真心话)
  30. 1999 Liang Po Po: The Movie (梁婆婆重出江湖)
  31. 1998 Money No Enough (钱不够用)

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