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Rising Stars Challenge

The Rising Stars Challenge is an exhibition basketball game held by the National Basketball Association (NBA) on the Friday before the annual All-Star Game as part of the All-Star Weekend. It is sponsored by Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria (BBVA). The players are first- and second-year players selected by the NBA's assistant coaches. Two people designated as "general managers" draft players for the two opposing teams.[1] Before 2012, the event was known as the Rookie Challenge, officially named the T-Mobile Rookie Challenge and Youth Jam.

Carmelo Anthony receiving an alley-oop during the 2004 Rookie Challenge game.

The Rookie Challenge, established in 1994, was originally competed by two randomly selected teams composed entirely of first-year players. This format was continued until 1996, when it was changed to pit rookie teams of both the Eastern and the Western Conference against each other. In 1999, the game was cancelled as a result of the NBA lockout. Since the 1998 rookie class did not compete that year, the game was revamped and featured a team of standout first-year players ('Rookies') against a team of standout second-year players ('Sophomores'). For 2012 and 2013, the format was changed to having two teams drafted by former NBA superstars Charles Barkley (Team Chuck) and Shaquille O'Neal (Team Shaq). In 2014, the two teams were drafted by Chris Webber (Team Webber) and Grant Hill (Team Hill). Unlike regular NBA games, the game was divided into two twenty-minute halves, similar to college basketball. The participating players were chosen by voting among the league's assistant coaches. In the game, players wear their respective regular team uniforms, except for 2009, in which players wore fan-designed jerseys. The head coaches of the two teams are the lead assistant coaches of the NBA All-Star Game coach. Starting in 2009, two active NBA players were added to the game coaching staffs. The format of the game and name was changed to the Rising Stars Challenge in 2012. The game format of 2015 will change to USA vs World, where each team should choose at least three Rookies and three Sophomores, and the squad of each team should have four back courts, four front courts and two swingmans.


  • Past games and rosters 1
    • 2015 game 1.1
    • 2014 game 1.2
    • 2013 game 1.3
    • 2012 game 1.4
    • 2011 game 1.5
    • 2010 game 1.6
    • 2009 game 1.7
    • 2008 game 1.8
    • 2007 game 1.9
    • 2006 game 1.10
    • 2005 game 1.11
    • 2004 game 1.12
    • 2003 game 1.13
    • 2002 game 1.14
    • 2001 game 1.15
    • 2000 game 1.16
    • 1998 game 1.17
    • 1997 game 1.18
    • 1996 game 1.19
    • 1995 game 1.20
    • 1994 game 1.21
  • Game records 2
  • MVP Winners 3
  • Participant players by team 4
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Past games and rosters

2015 game

^INJ1 Adams was unable to participate due to injury.[3]
^REP1 Nurkić was named as Adams' replacement.[3]
^INJ2 Carter-Williams was unable to participate due to injuries.
^REP2 Covington was named as Carter-Williams' replacement.
^INJ3 Olynyk was unable to participate due to injury.[3]
^REP3 Dellavedova was named as Olynyk's replacement.[3]
^OUT Nurkić decided to not participate for personal reasons.
^REP4 Papanikolaou was named as Nurkić's replacement.

February 13
9:00 p.m. ET
Team World 121, Team USA 112
Scoring by half: 69–67, 52–45
Pts: Andrew Wiggins 22
Rebs: Rudy Gobert 12
Asts: Dennis Schröder 9
Pts: Oladipo, LaVine 22
Rebs: Mason Plumlee 9
Asts: Oladipo, Burke 4
Barclays Center, New York, New York
Attendance: 15,451
  • #73 Tre Maddox
  • #77 Karl Lane
  • #79 Kevin Scott

The World team won against the U.S. 121-112 at the Rising Stars Challenge at All-Star weekend. Canada's Andrew Wiggins scored 22 points, and Rudy Gobert added 18 points, 12 rebounds and three blocks. Brooklyn's Bojan Bogdanovic of Croatia, and Chicago's Nikola Mirotić of Montenegro added 16 points each for the World team. Victor Oladipo of the Orlando Magic and Zach LaVine of the Minnesota Timberwolves led the U.S. team with 22 points each. Andrew Wiggins, the 2014 NBA Draft 1st overall pick, won the game's MVP award.[4]

2014 game

^INJ Pero Antić was unable to participate due to injury.
^REP Miles Plumlee was named Pero Antić's replacement.

February 14
9:00 p.m. ET
Team Webber 136, Team Hill 142
Scoring by half: 66–67, 70–75
Pts: Tim Hardaway, Jr. 36
Rebs: Anthony Davis 8
Asts: Michael Carter-Williams 9
Pts: Dion Waiters 31
Rebs: Andre Drummond 25
Asts: Dion Waiters 7
New Orleans Arena, New Orleans, LA
Attendance: 14,727
  • #70 Brent Barnaky
  • #54 Nick Buchert
  • #34 Kevin Cutler

2013 game

^INJ Andre Drummond was unable to participate due to injury.
^REP Andrew Nicholson was named Andre Drummond's replacement.

February 15
9:00 p.m. ET
Team Shaq 135, Team Chuck 163
Scoring by half: 66–90, 69–73
Pts: Kyrie Irving 32
Rebs: Kyrie Irving 6
Asts: Kemba Walker 8
Pts: Kenneth Faried 40
Rebs: Faried, Thompson 10
Asts: Rubio, Thomas 10
Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
Attendance: 16,101

2012 game

Shortly before the draft for the rosters, Norris Cole and Jeremy Lin were added to the original player pool.[5] A few days before the game, Tiago Splitter was injured and was replaced by Derrick Favors.[5][6] Lin played only nine minutes in the game, at his request, due to exhaustion from his rise to stardom that month.[7]

^INJ Tiago Splitter was unable to participate due to injury.[8]
^DNP Kawhi Leonard did not play due to a strained right calf.[9]
^REP Derrick Favors was named Tiago Splitter's replacement.[8]

February 24
9:00 p.m. ET
Shaq 133, Chuck 146
Scoring by half: 65–77, 68–69
Pts: Tristan Thompson 20
Rebs: Greg Monroe 10
Asts: Kemba Walker 10
Pts: Kyrie Irving 34
Rebs: DeMarcus Cousins, Evan Turner 11
Asts: Kyrie Irving 9
Amway Center, Orlando, Florida
Attendance: 17,125
  • #75 Eric Dalen
  • #68 Marat Kogut
  • #35 Kane Fitzgerald

2011 game

^INJ Tyreke Evans was unable to participate due to injury.[10]
^REP James Harden was named Tyreke Evans' replacement.[10]

February 18
9:00 p.m. ET
Rookies 148, Sophomores 140
Scoring by half: 71–69, 77–71
Pts: DeMarcus Cousins 33
Rebs: DeMarcus Cousins 14
Asts: John Wall 22
Pts: James Harden 30
Rebs: DeJuan Blair 15
Asts: Stephen Curry 8
Staples Center, Los Angeles, California
Attendance: 17,163

2010 game

^DNP Derrick Rose was excused from the Rookie Challenge in consideration of being named to the All-Star Game and his participation in the Skills Challenge.[11]
^REP Anthony Morrow was named as a replacement for Derrick Rose.[11]

February 12
9:00 p.m. ET
Rookies 140, Sophomores 128
Scoring by half: 67–55, 73–73
Pts: Tyreke Evans 26
Rebs: DeJuan Blair 23
Asts: Brandon Jennings 8
Pts: Russell Westbrook 40
Rebs: Beasley, Lopez 7 each
Asts: O. J. Mayo 10
American Airlines Center, Dallas, Texas
Attendance: 19,200
  • #67 John Goble
  • #65 Sean Wright
  • #60 David Guthrie

2009 game

^INJ Greg Oden was unable to participate due to injury.[12]

February 13
9:00 p.m.
Rookies 116, Sophomores 122
Scoring by half: 61–58, 55–64
Pts: Michael Beasley 29
Rebs: Marc Gasol 8
Asts: Derrick Rose 7
Pts: Kevin Durant 46
Rebs: Durant, Chandler 7 each
Asts: Rodney Stuckey 9
US Airways Center, Phoenix, Arizona
Attendance: 16,362
  • #56 Mark Ayotte
  • #64 Eli Roe
  • #42 Eric Lewis

2008 game

February 15
Rookies 109, Sophomores 136
Scoring by half: 52-66, 57-70

2007 game

The 2007 Rookie Challenge took place on Friday, February 16 at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas.

Final Score: East:150 West: 167

2006 game

The 2006 Rookie Challenge took place February 17 at the Toyota Center in Houston.

Rookie Roster:
Player Team
Andrew Bogut Milwaukee Bucks
Channing Frye New York Knicks
Danny Granger Indiana Pacers
Luther Head Miami Heat
Brian McCoy Indiana Pacers
Chris Paul New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets
Nate Robinson New York Knicks
Charlie Villanueva Toronto Raptors
Deron Williams Utah Jazz

Head Coach: Sidney Lowe
Assistant Coach: Elvin Hayes

Sophomore Roster:
Player Team
Luol Deng Chicago Bulls
Jayson Carter Milwaukee Bucks
Ben Gordon Chicago Bulls
Devin Harris Dallas Mavericks
Dwight Howard Orlando Magic
Andre Iguodala Philadelphia 76ers
Nenad Krstic New Jersey Nets
Jameer Nelson* Orlando Magic
Andres Nocioni Chicago Bulls
Emeka Okafor* Charlotte Bobcats
Delonte West Boston Celtics

Head Coach: Del Harris
Assistant Coach: Moses Malone

  • Did not play due to injury

2005 game

The 2005 Rookie Challenge took place February 18 at the Pepsi Center in Denver.

Rookie Roster:
Player Team
Tony Allen Boston Celtics
Luol Deng Chicago Bulls
Devin Harris Dallas Mavericks
Dwight Howard Orlando Magic
Andre Iguodala Philadelphia 76ers
Emeka Okafor** Charlotte Bobcats
Josh Smith Atlanta Hawks
Beno Udrih San Antonio Spurs
Al Jefferson Boston Celtics

Head Coach: PJ Carlesimo
Assistant Coach: Alex English

Sophomore Roster:
Player Team
Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets
Chris Bosh Toronto Raptors
Udonis Haslem Miami Heat
Kirk Hinrich Chicago Bulls
Josh Howard Dallas Mavericks
LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
Kyle Korver Philadelphia 76ers
Luke Ridnour Seattle SuperSonics
Dwyane Wade Miami Heat

Head Coach: Bob McAdoo
Assistant Coach: Doug Moe

    • Did not play due to injury

2004 game

Stoudemire (far right) receiving the MVP award for the 2004 Rookie Challenge game.

The 2004 Rookie Challenge took place February 13 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Rookie Roster:
Player Team
Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets
Chris Bosh Toronto Raptors
Dwyane Wade Miami Heat
LeBron James Cleveland Cavaliers
Jarvis Hayes Washington Wizards
Kirk Hinrich Chicago Bulls
Josh Howard Dallas Mavericks
Chris Kaman Los Angeles Clippers
Udonis Haslem Miami Heat

Head Coach: Doug Collins
Assistant Coach: A.C. Green

Sophomore Roster:
Player Team
Carlos Boozer Cleveland Cavaliers
Mike Dunleavy, Jr. Golden State Warriors
Manu Ginóbili San Antonio Spurs
Marko Jaric Los Angeles Clippers
Ronald Murray Seattle SuperSonics
Nenê Denver Nuggets
Tayshaun Prince Detroit Pistons
Amar'e Stoudemire Phoenix Suns
Yao Ming Houston Rockets

Head Coach: Michael Cooper
Assistant Coach: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Said to be the most exciting Rookie Challenge in history due to all the highlight-reel dunks. Much of the hype centered on rookie phenoms LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony, who had 33 and 17 points respectively. Amar'e Stoudemire set a Rookie Challenge record with 36 points (it has since been broken).

2003 game

The 2003 Rookie Challenge took place February 8 at the Philips Arena in Atlanta.
This was the last time the game was played on a Saturday.

Rookie Roster:
Player Team
Jay Williams Chicago Bulls
Gordon Giricek Orlando Magic
Caron Butler Miami Heat
Drew Gooden Memphis Grizzlies
Amar'e Stoudemire Phoenix Suns
Carlos Boozer Cleveland Cavaliers
Nene Denver Nuggets
Marko Jaric Los Angeles Clippers
Dajuan Wagner Cleveland Cavaliers

Head Coach: Cotton Fitzsimmons
Assistant Coach: Lou Hudson

Sophomore Roster:
Player Team
Gilbert Arenas Golden State Warriors
Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs
Troy Murphy Golden State Warriors
Richard Jefferson New Jersey Nets
Pau Gasol Memphis Grizzlies
Andrei Kirilenko Utah Jazz
Jason Richardson Golden State Warriors
Tyson Chandler Chicago Bulls
Jamaal Tinsley Indiana Pacers

Head Coach: Mike Fratello
Assistant Coach: Bob Pettit

2002 game

The 2002 Rookie Challenge took place February 9 at the First Union Center in Philadelphia.

Rookie Roster:
Player Team
Jason Richardson Golden State Warriors
Jamaal Tinsley Indiana Pacers
Pau Gasol Memphis Grizzlies
Shane Battier Memphis Grizzlies
Brendan Haywood Washington Wizards
Željko Rebrača Detroit Pistons
Tony Parker San Antonio Spurs
Joe Johnson Phoenix Suns
Andrei Kirilenko Utah Jazz

Head Coach: Chuck Daly
Assistant Coach: Darryl Dawkins

Sophomore Roster:
Player Team
Quentin Richardson Los Angeles Clippers
Mike Miller Orlando Magic
Kenyon Martin New Jersey Nets
Lee Nailon Charlotte Hornets
Chris Mihm Cleveland Cavaliers
Marcus Fizer Chicago Bulls
Darius Miles Los Angeles Clippers
Desmond Mason Seattle SuperSonics
Hedo Türkoğlu Sacramento Kings

Head Coach: Billy Cunningham
Assistant Coach: Bobby Jones

2001 game

The 2001 Rookie Challenge took place February 10 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C..

Rookie Roster:
Player Team
Marc Jackson Golden State Warriors
Morris Peterson Toronto Raptors
Kenyon Martin New Jersey Nets
Mateen Cleaves Detroit Pistons
Quentin Richardson Los Angeles Clippers
Khalid El-Amin Chicago Bulls
Stephen Jackson New Jersey Nets
Darius Miles Los Angeles Clippers
Mike Miller Orlando Magic

Head Coach: Kevin Loughery
Assistant Coach: Jack Marin

Sophomore Roster:
Player Team
Elton Brand Chicago Bulls
Richard Hamilton Washington Wizards
Lamar Odom Los Angeles Clippers
Baron Davis Charlotte Hornets
Steve Francis Houston Rockets
Shawn Marion Phoenix Suns
Andre Miller Cleveland Cavaliers
Wally Szczerbiak Minnesota Timberwolves
Jason Terry Atlanta Hawks

Head Coach: Elvin Hayes
Assistant Coach: Phil Chenier

2000 game

The 2000 Rookie Challenge took place February 11 at the Oakland Arena in Oakland.

Rookie Roster:
Player Team
Andre Miller Cleveland Cavaliers
Elton Brand Chicago Bulls
Lamar Odom Los Angeles Clippers
Steve Francis Houston Rockets
James Posey Denver Nuggets
Adrian Griffin Boston Celtics
Todd MacCulloch Philadelphia 76ers
Wally Szczerbiak Minnesota Timberwolves

Head Coach: Al Attles
Assistant Coach: Nate Thurmond

Sophomore Roster:
Player Team
Dirk Nowitzki Dallas Mavericks
Paul Pierce Boston Celtics
Raef LaFrentz Denver Nuggets
Cuttino Mobley Houston Rockets
Jason Williams Sacramento Kings
Mike Bibby Vancouver Grizzlies
Michael Dickerson Vancouver Grizzlies
Michael Olowokandi Los Angeles Clippers
Antwan Jamison** Golden State Warriors

Head Coach: Bill Russell
Assistant Coach: KC Jones

**Did not play due to injury

1998 game

The 1998 Rookie Challenge took place February 8 at the Madison Square Garden in New York.

East Roster:
Player Team
Chauncey Billups Boston Celtics
Derek Anderson Cleveland Cavaliers
Cedric Henderson Cleveland Cavaliers
Zydrunas Ilgauskas Cleveland Cavaliers
Brevin Knight Cleveland Cavaliers
Tracy McGrady Toronto Raptors
Ron Mercer Boston Celtics
Tim Thomas Philadelphia 76ers
Keith Van Horn New Jersey Nets

Head Coach: Willis Reed

West Roster:
Player Team
Kelvin Cato Portland Trail Blazers
Antonio Daniels Vancouver Grizzlies
Danny Fortson Denver Nuggets
Bobby Jackson Denver Nuggets
Rodrick Rhodes Houston Rockets
Michael Stewart Sacramento Kings
Maurice Taylor Los Angeles Clippers
Alvin Williams Portland Trail Blazers

Head Coach: Dave Debusschere

1997 game

The 1997 Rookie Challenge took place February 8 at the Gund Arena in Cleveland.

East Roster:
Player Team
Ray Allen Milwaukee Bucks
Marcus Camby Toronto Raptors
Erick Dampier Indiana Pacers
Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers
Kerry Kittles New Jersey Nets
Vitaly Potapenko Cleveland Cavaliers
Antoine Walker Boston Celtics
John Wallace New York Knicks

Head Coach: Red Auerbach

West Roster:
Player Team
Shareef Abdur-Rahim Vancouver Grizzlies
Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers
Derek Fisher Los Angeles Lakers
Travis Knight Los Angeles Lakers
Matt Maloney Houston Rockets
Stephon Marbury** Minnesota Timberwolves
Steve Nash Phoenix Suns
Roy Rogers Vancouver Grizzlies
Samaki Walker** Dallas Mavericks
Lorenzen Wright Los Angeles Clippers

Head Coach: Red Holtzman

**Did not play due to injury

1996 game

The 1996 Rookie Challenge took place February 10 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

East Roster:
Player Team
Alan Henderson Atlanta Hawks
Jerry Stackhouse Philadelphia 76ers
Damon Stoudamire Toronto Raptors
Bob Sura Cleveland Cavaliers
Kurt Thomas Miami Heat
Rasheed Wallace Washington Bullets
Eric Williams Boston Celtics
George Zidek Charlotte Hornets

Head Coach: Bob Lanier

West Roster:
Player Team
Brent Barry Los Angeles Clippers
Tyus Edney Sacramento Kings
Michael Finley Phoenix Suns
Kevin Garnett Minnesota Timberwolves
Antonio McDyess Denver Nuggets
Bryant Reeves Vancouver Grizzlies
Arvydas Sabonis Portland Trail Blazers
Joe Smith Golden State Warriors

Head Coach: Doug Moe

1995 game

The 1995 Rookie Challenge took place February 11 at the America West Arena in Phoenix.

Green Team Roster:
Player Team
Brian Grant Sacramento Kings
Juwan Howard Washington Bullets
Sharone Wright Philadelphia 76ers
Eddie Jones Los Angeles Lakers
Jason Kidd Dallas Mavericks
Jalen Rose Denver Nuggets
Marcus Rose Washington Bullets
Michael Smith Sacramento Kings

Head Coach: Al Attles

White Team Roster:
Player Team
Glenn Robinson Milwaukee Bucks
Lamond Murray Los Angeles Clippers
Eric Montross Boston Celtics
Wesley Person Phoenix Suns
Khalid Reeves Miami Heat
Clifford Rozier Golden State Warriors
Donyell Marshall Minnesota Timberwolves
Trevor Ruffin Phoenix Suns

Head Coach: Cotton Fitzsimmons

1994 game

The 1994 Rookie Challenge took place February 12 at the Target Center in Minneapolis. MVP – Anfernee Hardaway

Sensations Roster:
Player Team
Chris Mills Cleveland Cavaliers
Jamal Mashburn Dallas Mavericks
Shawn Bradley Philadelphia 76ers
Anfernee Hardaway Orlando Magic
Nick Van Exel Los Angeles Lakers
Calbert Cheaney Washington Bullets
PJ Brown New Jersey Nets
Popeye Jones Dallas Mavericks

Head Coach: KC Jones

Phenoms Roster:
Player Team
Toni Kukoc Chicago Bulls
Dino Radja Boston Celtics
Chris Webber Golden State Warriors
Lindsey Hunter Detroit Pistons
Isaiah Rider Minnesota Timberwolves
Antonio Davis Indiana Pacers
Sam Cassell Houston Rockets
Bryon Russell Utah Jazz

Head Coach: Doug Collins

Game records




3 Pointers

Shooting Percentage

MVP Winners

Year MVP Winner Team Played
2015 Andrew Wiggins Minnesota Timberwolves
2014 Andre Drummond Detroit Pistons
2013 Kenneth Faried Denver Nuggets
2012 Kyrie Irving Cleveland Cavaliers
2011 John Wall Washington Wizards
2010 Tyreke Evans Sacramento Kings
2010 DeJuan Blair San Antonio Spurs
2009 Kevin Durant Oklahoma City Thunder
2008 Daniel Gibson Cleveland Cavaliers
2007 David Lee New York Knicks
2006 Andre Iguodala Philadelphia 76ers
2005 Carmelo Anthony Denver Nuggets
2004 Amar'e Stoudemire Phoenix Suns
2003 Gilbert Arenas Golden State Warriors
2002 Jason Richardson Golden State Warriors
2001 Wally Szczerbiak Minnesota Timberwolves
2000 Elton Brand Chicago Bulls
1998 Žydrūnas Ilgauskas Cleveland Cavaliers
1997 Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers
1996 Damon Stoudamire Toronto Raptors
1995 Eddie Jones Los Angeles Lakers
1994 Anfernee Hardaway* Orlando Magic
  • Only player to win the award while on the losing team.

Participant players by team

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