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Rugby League European Bowl

European Bowl
Sport Rugby league football
Inaugural season 2008
Number of teams 3
Region Europe (RLEF)
Holders Ukraine (2013)
Related competition European Cup
European Shield
Euro-Med Challenge

The European Bowl is an international European rugby league football tournament organised by the Rugby League European Federation for fourth tier rugby league nations.

It was first contested in 2008, with the proposed participating teams being Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine.


The competition had a major setback with the Ukrainian team's visas not being passed in time for them to play a double header in Latvia. Therefore with just two matches being played, the tournament was won by Latvia. Combined score of 110 to 20

Estonia 10–48 Latvia

Latvia 62–10 Estonia


The competition took place again in 2009 with Ukraine joining Estonia and Latvia. The winners were Ukraine


Latvia 6–40 Ukraine
Try: Ashmolis
Conv: Valdavs
(Report) Tries: Romanko (2), Martyrosyan, Troyan (2), Kardakov, Ljubensky
Conv: Romanko (6)

Estonia 0–86 Ukraine

Estonia 4–74 Latvia


Team Played Won Drew Lost For Against Difference Points
Ukraine 2 2 0 0 126 6 +120 4
Latvia 2 1 0 1 80 44 +36 2
Estonia 2 0 0 2 4 160 -156 0


There was due to be a single group of three teams containing Belgium, Malta and Norway. But Belgium withdrew leaving Malta and Norway to play a one off match.

On 4 June Malta came from 10–0 down mid way through the first half to defeat Norway, 30–20 to take the Rugby League European Federation Bowl at the Victor Tedesco Stadium, Hamrun.[1]


Malta 30–20 Norway
Tries: Grima, M. Attard, Bonanno, Bartlett (2)
Conv: Attard (5)
(Report) Tries: Scmidt, Borsheim (2), Mellor
Conv: Meldalen, Ytterdahi Elgheim


The 2011 Bowl again comprised a single match. Czech Republic and Hungary (Magyar Bulls RLFC) both made their debuts in the Bowl competition.


Hungary 16–38 Czech Republic
Tries: Torrance, Bihari L., Angel
Conv: Torrance (2)
(Report) Tries: Mulhall, Leeuw (3), Buben (2), Sedina
Conv: Buben (4) Mulhall (1)


The 2012 Bowl again comprised a single match. Czech Republic and Hungary (Magyar Bulls RLFC).


Czech Republic 42–16 Hungary


The competition this year there are 3 teams taking part with the Czech Republic being joined by Norway and the Ukraine. The winners were Ukraine.


Ukraine 42-14 Norway
Tries: Kravchenko, Korobov (4), Troyan (2), Felkov (2)
Conv: Romanko (3)
(Report) Tries: Hakonsen, I. Schmidt, Engeland
Conv: Engeland (1)

Norway 26-14 Czech Republic
Tries: Mellor, Davidson, Sundsfjord, Linnestå, Schmidt
Conv: Granly Meldalen (1)
(Report) Tries: Zemanek, Cintler, Caslavka
Conv: Buben (1)

Czech Republic 4-68 Ukraine
Goals: Sedina (2) (Report) Tries: Troyan (4), Mashkin (2), Shaskov (3), Mazepa, Romanko, Skorbach, Pojidaev
Conv: Skorbach (5), Romanko (3)
Municipal Stadium, Vrchlabi


Team Played Won Drew Lost For Against Difference Points
Ukraine 2 2 0 0 110 18 +92 4
Norway 2 1 0 1 40 56 -16 2
Czech Republic 2 0 0 2 18 94 -76 0

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