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San Francisco Youth Commission

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Title: San Francisco Youth Commission  
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San Francisco Youth Commission

The San Francisco Youth Commission is a seventeen member body which advises the Mayor and the Board of Supervisors on youth issues in San Francisco, California. Commissioners must be between the ages of 12 and 23.


In 1995, community members lobbied the Board of Supervisors to create a youth commission. When this effort failed, local activists worked with then-Supervisor Angela Alioto to place the creation of a youth commission on the November 1995 ballot.

After failing to garner enough support from the Board of Supervisors, local activists with the help of then-Supervisor Angela Alioto placed the creation of a Youth Commission on the November 1995 ballot.[1] The measure passed with over 60 percent of the popular vote, and the San Francisco Youth Commission was created. The first Youth Commissioners were sworn into office in April 1996.


The San Francisco Youth Commission has seventeen members. Each of the eleven members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors appoints one Commissioner. The remaining six Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor. Five of the Mayor's appointments are "diversity appointments," made after the Supervisors' picks to ensure that the Commission is representative of the City's diverse youth population. Commissioners must live in San Francisco.

Interested youth must submit a written application and complete individual and/or group interviews in the spring preceding their term of service. Returning Commissioners must reapply in order to serve multiple terms. After interviews are completed, Youth Commission staff make non-binding recommendations of prospective Commissioners to the Supervisors and Mayor. Supervisors may appoint Commissioners from outside of their district.


As of 2008, the San Francisco Youth Commission has been in existence for twelve years. During this time, it has advised the Mayor and Board of Supervisors on a variety of issues via public resolutions and statements.

Healthy Kids
In 2004, the Youth Commission successfully expanded "Healthy Kids," San Francisco's universal health care system for children, to include 18-24 year olds.[2] This preceded the City's expansion of universal health care to all residents, signed by Mayor Gavin Newsom in 2007.

The Youth Commission issues annual reports. In addition, the Commission has issued three special reports:

San Francisco Youth Commission's Report on Sexual Assault & Harassment in San Francisco Schools
Youth Commission's Education Committee Report on the State of San Francisco Schools
Youth Commission's Housing Committee Report on the State of San Francisco's Youth Housing & Homeless Issue

Transitional Youth Task Force/Interagency Council (From the Youth Commission's website.)

In 2005, the Youth Commission authored a resolution advising the Mayor to evaluate the special needs of transitional young adults. In response, the Mayor formed the two-year Transitional Youth Task Force. Two-thirds of the Task Force's members are adults; the remaining one-third are young adult advocates who have been involved with foster care, juvenile justice, mental health, special needs, alternative education, or other city systems relevant to transitional youth. Mayor Newsom allocated $500,000 in the FY2007 budget to form an official Interagency Council, which works with City departments who serve young adults to address gaps in available supportive services.

The Task Force drafted 16 policy recommendations based on information gathered from focus groups involving over 100 youth across a range of systems. In 2007, the Task Force transformed into the Transition Age Youth San Francisco initiative (TAYSF) in order to implement these recommendations.[3] TAYSF recently joined forces with the Workforce Investment Board of San Francisco Youth Council to address issues of workforce development for transition-age youth that the Task Force had identified through their community-based research.

Skateboarding Task Force

Due to increased tension between the San Francisco Police Department and local skateboarders, the Youth Commission created a Skateboard Task Force to work towards providing legal venues for youth to skate.[4] In 2003, Matt Gonzalez included creating skate parks in his official platform.[5]

Youth Recognition Day

In 2001, former SFYC Chair Anthony E. Valdez authored the Positive Recognition of Youth Resolution [File #10-008], pursuant to which the Youth Commission hosts an annual Youth Recognition Day. On this day, the Board of Supervisors formally recognizes the contributions of young citizens to their districts or the broader San Francisco community.

Current Youth Commissioners

Youth Commissioners for the 2013-2014 term:

Nicholas Persky (Chair) - Appointed by District 1 Supervisor Eric Mar
Michelle Kong (Vice-Chair) - Appointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee
Joshua Cardenas (Legislative Affairs Officer) - Appointed by District 11 Supervisor John Avalos
Angel Van Stark (Media & Public Relations Officer) - Appointed by District 8 Supervisor Scott Wiener
DeAsia Landrum (Community Outreach Officer) - Appointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee

Jina Bae - Appointed by District 5 Supervisor London Breed
Anna Bernick - Appointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee
Sophie Edelhart - Appointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee
Monica Flores - Appointed by District 9 Supervisor David Campos
Ramon Gomez - Appointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee
Michel Li - Appointed by District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang
Lily Marshall-Fricker - Appointed by District 2 Supervisor Mark Farrell
Luisa Sicairos - Appointed by District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim
Eric Wu - Appointed by District 3 Supervisor David Chiu
Joyce Wu - Appointed by District 7 Supervisor Norman Yee
Ariel Yu - Appointed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee

Past Youth Commissioners

Mia Shackelford, Nicholas Persky, Paul Monge-Rodriguez, Rachel Brodwin, Vanessa Warri, Sarah Armstrong, Angel Carrion, Brian Chu, Kyron Covington, Ramon Gomez, Alex Guzman-Ramos, Christine Huynh, Lily Marshall-Fricker, Mia Tu Mutch, Vee Taumoepeau, Eric Wu, Ariel Yu

Leah LaCroix, Jonathan Baer, Robin Bonner, Rochelle Chan, Mia Shackelford, Nicholas Persky, Josh Zukerman, Lily Marshall-Fricker, Hillary Liang, Joyce Sun, Javonte Holloway, Mia Tu Mutch, Sarah Armstrong, Rachel Brodwin, Rene Ontiveros, Angel Carrion, Happy (Huimin) Yang

Marisol Beaulac, Ava Benezra, Rochelle Chan, Naomi Fierro, Daniel Herzstein, Tiara Hewitt, Tobias Hirano, Jeffrey Kaminsky, Leah LaCroix, Hillary Liang, Winnie Lin, Lily Marshall-Fricker, Teresa Nauer, Stephanie Perez, Joyce Sun, Happy (Huimin) Yang, Joshua Zukerman

Leah LaCroix, Theo Ellington, Natalie Davidson, Amanda Chan, Corey Carlson, Katelyn Williams, Hillary Liang, De'Anthony Jones, Julian Chan, Tobias Hirano, Raul Hernandez, Lily Marshall-Fricker, Lluvia Quintero, Monica Guerra, Nicholas Quesada, Jennifer Escamilla, Felix Deng

Andrew Balcazar, Christian Castaing, Natalie Davidson, Simona Erlik, Jeremiah Espanol, Deonna Frierson, Natalie Gee, De'Anthony Jones, Tiffany Lau, Bethany Lobo, Tanea Lunsford, Lily Marshall-Fricker, Benjamin Martinez, Eliza Oliva, Nicholas Quesada, Josselyn Recinos, Dasha Tsibulskaya

Iqra Anjum, Liliana Cabrera, Martha Carvajal, Luciana Carvalho, William Do, Brandon Franklin, Deonna Frierson, Natalie Gee, Kenny Gong, Marquez Gray, Cassandra James, Tanaya Macheel, Nicholas Quesada, Kemi Shamonda, Dasha Tsibulskaya, & Belle Yan.

Iqra Anjum, Anthony Albert, Antonio Ayala, Luciana Carvalho, Shadi Elkarra, Brandon Franklin, Julie Gramlich, Kenny Gong; Cassandra James, Krystal Kiremit, Jacky Kwong, Marc Lowe, Tanaya Macheel, Anthony Pico, Christine Revelo, Sam Rubin, & Kemi Shamonda.

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