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Sargon I

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Title: Sargon I  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Puzur-Ashur II, Ashur-rim-nisheshu, Ikunum, Sargon, Christina Alberta's Father
Collection: 19Th-Century Bc Rulers, 20Th-Century Bc Rulers, Assyrian Kings
Publisher: World Heritage Encyclopedia

Sargon I

Sargon I or Sharru-ken reigned as king of the old-Assyrian Kingdom from ca. 1920 BC to 1881 BC. The name 'Sargon' means 'the king is legitimate' in Akkadian.[1] He is known for his work refortifying Assur.[2] The name "Sargon I" has also been used to refer to Sargon of Akkad, and the Assyrian Sargon may have been named after him.[3] Very little is known about this king.[3]

Limmu officials by year

Annual limmu officials from the year of accession of Šarru-kin to his death.[4] BC dates depend on a date of 1833 BC for the recorded solar eclipse in the limmu of Puzur-Ištar.[5]

1905 Irišum son of Iddin-Aššur
1904 Aššur-malik son of Agatum
1903 Aššur-malik son of Enania
1902 Ibisua son of Suen-nada
1901 Bazia son of Bal-Tutu
1900 Puzur-Ištar son of Sabasia
1899 Pišaḫ-Ili son of Adin
1898 Asqudum son of Lapiqum
1897 Ili-pilaḫ son of Damqum
1896 Qulali
1895 Susaya
1894 Amaya the Weaponer
1893 Ipḫurum son of Ili-ellat
1892 Kudanum son of Laqipum
1891 Ili-bani son of Ikunum
1890 Šu-Kubum son of Susaya
1889 Quqidi son of Amur-Aššur
1888 Abia son of Nur-Suen
1887 Šu-Ištar son of Šukutum
1886 Bazia son of Šepa-lim
1885 Šu-Ištar son of Ikunum, the starlike (kakkabanum)
1884 Abia son of Šu-Dagan
1883 Salia son of Šabakuranum
1882 Ibni-Adad son of Baqqunum
1881 Aḫmarši son of Malkum-išar
1880 Sukkalia son of Minanum
1879 Iddin-Aššur son of Kubidi
1878 Šudaya son of Ennanum
1877 Al-ṭab son of Pilaḫ-Aššur
1876 Aššur-dammiq son of Abarsisum
1875 Puzur-Niraḫ son of Puzur-Suen
1874 Amur-Aššur son of Karria
1873 Buzuzu son of Ibbi-Suen
1872 Šu-Ḫubur son of Elali
1871 Ilšu-rabi son of Bazia
1870 Alaḫum son of Inaḫ-ili
1869 Ṭab-Aššur son of Suḫarum
1868 Elali son of Ikunum
1867 Iddin-abum son of Narbitum
1866 Adad-bani son of Iddin-Aššur
1865 Aššur-iddin son of Šuli

Preceded by
King of Assyria
1920–1881 BC
Succeeded by
Puzur-Ashur II


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