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Title: Satupa'itea  
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Subject: Districts of Samoa, Salega, Satupa'itea, Savai'i, Piula Theological College
Collection: Districts of Samoa
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Stone Methodist church, Satupa'itea c. 1908
Stone Methodist church, Satupa'itea c. 1908
Map of Samoa showing Satupa'itea district
Map of Samoa showing Satupa'itea district
Country  Samoa
Time zone -11
Mission house, Satupa'itea, c. 1908

Satupa'itea is a large village district with four sub-villages on the south east coast of Savai'i Island in Samoa.

In the country's modern political divisions, Satupa'itea is also a Political District (Itumalo), one of 11 in the country, which now includes the traditional area of Salega.


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  • Satupa'itea Political District 2
  • 19th century Methodist mission 3
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Satupa'itea village enclave

The four villages in Satupa'itea village enclave are Moasula, Pitonu'u, Satufia and Vaega. The total population of Satupa'itea village enclave is 1799 (2006 Census).[1]

Satupa'itea Political District

In modern politics, Satupa'itea district incorporates the larger traditional area of Salega (population 3,461).[2]

Geographically, the district consists of two divisions separated by Palauli district.

The paramount chiefly title of the district is Tonumaipe'a, with special relevance in the Alataua sub-district (the western half of the district).

19th century Methodist mission

During the 19th century, Satupa'itea was an important stronghold for the early

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South west of Savai'i including Salega and parts of Satupaitea and Palauli. (NASA photo)

. Piula Theological College island as the Upolu on the north coast of Lufilufi The 'training' for the Methodist ministry was later established, in 1868, at [4] They lived in a bamboo hut for the first two years and later constructed a mission house. In 1863, Brown began to train teachers at Satupa'itea for the ministry.[3]

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