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Scott Rosenberg (journalist)

Scott Rosenberg
Born 1959
Queens, New York, US
Education Harvard University
Occupation Journalist
Notable credit(s), The San Francisco Examiner

Scott Rosenberg is an American journalist, editor, blogger and non-fiction author. He was a co-founder of Salon Media Group and and a relatively early participant in The WELL.

Rosenberg's first book, Dreaming in Code[1] appeared in 2007. It offers a detailed perspective on collaboration and massive software endeavors, particularly the open source calendar application Chandler (PIM).

His writings at, The San Francisco Examiner and elsewhere have ranged from theatre and film criticism to technology reporting and political commentary.

In 2009, he published a book on the history of blogging, Say Everything.[2]

In 2010 Rosenberg founded, a "service for reporting specific, correctable errors and problems in media coverage." In an interview, he explains, "We'll try to alert the journalists or news organization involved about your report and bring them into a conversation," which may get the error corrected. It is funded by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation as part of their News Challenge.[3] In September 2012, at the end of the funding period, he explained in a blog post that 'Much of the public sees media-outlet accuracy failures as "not our problem." The journalists are messing up, they believe, and it's the journalists' job to fix things.'[4]


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Rosenberg is the son of Jeanne and Coleman Rosenberg. He is married (Dayna Macy) with two sons (Matthew, Jack). They live in Berkeley, California.[5]


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Further reading

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