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Secretary of State for War and the Colonies

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Title: Secretary of State for War and the Colonies  
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Subject: Colonial Office, History of the Falkland Islands, Glengarry Light Infantry, Minister of State for Commonwealth Affairs, Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Affairs
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Secretary of State for War and the Colonies

The Secretary of State for War and the Colonies was a British cabinet level position responsible for the army and the British colonies (other than India). The Department was created in 1801. In 1854 it was split into the separate offices of Secretary of State for War and Secretary of State for the Colonies. The Secretary was supported by an Under-Secretary of State for War and the Colonies.

Secretaries of State for War and the Colonies, 1801-1854

Name Portrait Term of office Political party Prime Minister
Lord Hobart 17 March 1801 12 May 1804 Tory Henry Addington
The Earl Camden 14 May 1804 10 July 1805 Tory William Pitt the Younger
Viscount Castlereagh 10 July 1805 5 February 1806 Tory
William Windham 5 February 1806 25 March 1807 Whig Lord Grenville
(Ministry of All the Talents)
Viscount Castlereagh 25 March 1807 1 November 1809 Tory The Duke of Portland
The Earl of Liverpool 1 November 1809 11 June 1812 Tory Spencer Perceval
The Earl Bathurst 11 June 1812 30 April 1827 Tory The Earl of Liverpool
The Viscount Goderich 30 April 1827 3 September 1827 Tory George Canning
William Huskisson 3 September 1827 30 May 1828 Tory The Viscount Goderich
Sir George Murray 30 May 1828 22 November 1830 Tory The Duke of Wellington
The Viscount Goderich 22 November 1830 3 April 1833 Whig The Earl Grey
Hon. Edward Stanley
(subsequently Earl of Derby)
3 April 1833 5 June 1834 Whig
Thomas Spring Rice 5 June 1834 14 November 1834 Whig The Viscount Melbourne
The Duke of Wellington
17 November 1834 9 December 1834 Tory The Duke of Wellington
The Earl of Aberdeen 20 December 1834 8 April 1835 Conservative Sir Robert Peel
The Lord Glenelg 18 April 1835 20 February 1839 Whig The Viscount Melbourne
The Marquess of Normanby 20 February 1839 30 August 1839 Whig
Lord John Russell 30 August 1839 30 August 1841 Whig
Lord Stanley
(subsequently Earl of Derby)
3 September 1841 23 December 1845 Conservative Sir Robert Peel
William Ewart Gladstone 23 December 1845 27 June 1846 Conservative
The Earl Grey 6 July 1846 21 February 1852 Whig Lord John Russell
Sir John Pakington, Bt 27 February 1852 17 December 1852 Conservative The Earl of Derby
The Duke of Newcastle 28 December 1852 10 June 1854 Peelite The Earl of Aberdeen

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