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Sheikh Abd el-Qurna

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Title: Sheikh Abd el-Qurna  
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Subject: TT170, TT171, TT52, Theban Necropolis, Infobox Egyptian tomb
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Sheikh Abd el-Qurna

Valley of the Nobles / Sheikh Abd el-Qurna

The necropolis of Sheikh Abd el-Qurna (Arabic: شيخ عبدالقرنة‎) is located on the West Bank at Thebes, Egypt. It is part of the archaeological area of Deir el-Bahari.

Named after the doomed tomb of the local saint. This is the most frequently visited cemetery on the Theban west bank, with the largest concentration of private tombs.


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  • TT21 User, Scribe, Steward of king Thutmose I
  • TT22 Wah, later usurped by Meryamun
  • TT23Tjay[1]
  • TT30 Khonsmose, Amun treasury official, Ramesside
  • TT31Khonsu
  • TT38 Djeserkaraseneb, Scribe, Counter of grain in the granary of the divine offerings of Amun
  • TT41 Amenemopet called Ipy, Amun temple high steward
  • TT42 Amenmose, Captain of troops, Eyes of the King in the Two Lands of the Retenu
  • TT43 Neferrenpet, Overseer of the kitchen (stores?) of Pharaoh
  • TT44 Amenemhab, wab-priest in front of Amun
  • TT45 Djehuty, Steward of high priest of Amun Mery
  • TT46 Ramose, Steward of the Mansion of the Aten, Fanbearer at the right of the King, Overseer of the granaries of Upper and Lower Egypt

TT50 - TT139:

  • TT170 Nebmehyt, Scribe of recruits of the Ramesseum in the estate of Amun
  • TT171 Unknown
  • TT224 Ahmose Humay (J'h-ms, Hm.j), Overseer of the estate of the God's Wife, Overseer of the double granaries of the God's Wife Ahmose-Nefertary
  • TT225 unknown / perhaps Amenemhet, High priest of Hathor
  • TT226 Heqareshu (Hq3-ršw), Royal scribe, Overseer of nurses of the king,
  • TT227 Unknown
  • TT228 Amen(em)mose (Jmn-msj(w)), Scribe of the Amun treasury
  • TT229 Unknown
  • TT230 Men (?) (Mn), Scribe of troops of Pharaoh
  • TT249 Neferrenpet (Nfr-rnp.t), supplier of dates/cakesin the temple of Amenhotep III
  • TT251 Amenmose, Royal scribe, Overseer of cattle of Amun, Overseer of magazine of Amun
  • TT252 Senimen (Sn(.j)-mn(.w)), Steward, Nurse of the God's Wife
  • TT259 Hori (Hr.j), wab-priest, Scribe in all the monuments of the estate of Amun, Head of the outline-draughtsmen in the Gold House of the Amun domain
  • TT263 Piay (Pj3jj), Scribe in the granary in the Amun domain, Scribe of accounts in the Ramesseum
  • TT269 Unknown
  • TT280 Meketre (Mk.t(.j)-R'), Chief Steward, Chancellor, early Middle Kingdom
  • TT309 Unknown
  • TT317 Thutnefer, Scribe of the counting of corn in the granary of divine offerings of Amun
  • TT318 Amenmose, Necropolis-worker of Amun
  • TT331 Penne (P3-n-njwt, P3-n-nwt) called Sunero (Srr, Sw-n-r3), High priest of Monthu


  • TT367 Paser, Head of the Bowmen, Child of the nursery, Companion of His Majesty
  • TT368 Amenhotep Huy, Overseer of sculptors of Amun in Thebes
  • TT384 Nebmehyt (Nb-mhj.t), Priest of Amun in the Ramesseum
  • TT385 Hunefer (H3w-nfr), Mayor of Thebes, Overseer of the granary of divine offerings of Amun
  • TT391 Kerebasken (K3-r-b3-s3-kn, Krbskn), Prophet of Khonsemweset-Neferhotep, Fourth prophet of Amun, Mayor of the City


  • TT403 Merymaat (Mrj-m3'.t), Temple scribe, Steward

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