Skoda M1909 Machine gun

M1909 machine gun
Type Medium machine gun
Place of origin  Austria-Hungary
Service history
In service 1909–1917?
Used by  Austria-Hungary
Wars World War I
Production history
Designed Unknown
Manufacturer Škoda Works
Produced 1909–1917
Weight 41.4 kg (gun & tripod)
Length 945 mm
Barrel length 530 mm

Cartridge 8x50mmR Mannlicher
Caliber 8 mm
Action delayed blowback
Rate of fire 400–580 round/min (M.07/12)
600–880 round/m (MG-16A)
Feed system 250 round belt

The Skoda M1909 is a Machine gun of Austro-Hungarian (Czech) origin and was manufactured by the Škoda Works in Plzeň. Although it was unable to compete with the more reliable Schwarzlose m/07, it was used in the same period, albeit mostly with reserve and home guard battalions within the Austro-Hungarian armed forces.


The M1909 is a delayed-blowback water cooled belt fed medium machine gun, chambered in the 8x50mm R round. As with all delayed blowback operated mechanisms chambered for powerful cartridges it suffers from relatively poor performance compared to recoil operated guns such as the Maxim.


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