Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993

Eurovision Song Contest 1993
Country  Slovenia
National selection
Selection process Slovenski izbor za Pesem Evrovizije 1993
Selection date(s) 27 February 2009
Selected entrant 1X Band
Selected song "Tih deževen dan"
Finals performance
Final result 22nd, 9 points
Slovenia in the Eurovision Song Contest
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Slovenia made its debut to the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993, having previously competed as part of Yugoslavia. The Slovene broadcaster Radiotelevizija Slovenija (RTVSLO) held a national final to select the first independent Slovene entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Slovenski izbor za Pesem Evrovizije 1993

EMA 1993, the national final, was held on 27 February 1993 at the RTVSLO TV studios in the Slovene capital of Ljubljana. The show was hosted by Tajda Lekše, and the winner was decided by the votes of 12 regional juries.

The winner of the contest was the 1X Band with the song "Tih deževen dan" (A quiet rainy day), and became the first independent Slovene Eurovision entry.

EMA 1993 - 27 February 1993
Draw Artist Song Points Place
1 Maddalena de Andrea "Ko bo maj" 5 12
2 E.T. "Svet za oba" 49 8
3 Dominik Kozarič "Tina" 25 11
4 Faraoni "Sonce sreče" 52 7
5 Čudežna polja "Nekdo igra klavir" 59 6
6 Darja Švajger "Naj vidimo ljudi" 98 2
7 1X Band "Tih deževen dan" 107 1
8 Alenka Godec "Tisti si ti" 81 3
9 Miran Rudan Band "Prepozno za vse" 39 10
10 Roberto Buljevic "Daj odpri" 48 9
11 Helena Blagne "Vzemi me nocoj" 63 5
12 Regina "Naj ljubezen združi vse ljudi" 70 4


Due to a major influx of countries wishing to enter the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time, due to the fall of communism, and the creation of new countries with the fall of dissolution of the Soviet Union and disintegration of Yugoslavia, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) were forced to limit the number of countries allowed to enter the contest. As such, a one-off contest was held to reduce the number of interested countries to just three that would progress to the contest, held in Millstreet, Ireland.

Kvalifikacija za Millstreet (Qualification for Millstreet) was held by RTVSLO in their TV studios in Ljubljana on 3 April 1993. Seven countries competed for the three spots in the final. Slovenia received 53 points, placing 1st in the contest and qualified to the final of the contest, along with former Yugoslavian states Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.

At Eurovision

At Millstreet, 1X Band performed 16th in the running order, following Luxembourg and preceding Finland. Slovenia received 9 points, receiving 4 points from Italy, 3 points from Sweden, and 1 point each from Malta and Bosnia and Herzegovina, placing 22nd in a field of 25. As such, Slovenia were forced to sit out the following contest due to new relegation rules which forced the lowest-placed countries to withdraw. Slovenia would return to Eurovision in 1995.

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