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Territorial Assembly of Wallis and Futuna

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Title: Territorial Assembly of Wallis and Futuna  
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Subject: List of state leaders in 2007, List of state leaders in 2012, Wallis and Futuna, List of legislatures by country, Administrator Superior of Wallis and Futuna
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Territorial Assembly of Wallis and Futuna

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politics and government of
Wallis and Futuna

Wallis and Futuna elects on territorial level a legislature. The Territorial Assembly (Assemblée Territoriale) has 20 members, elected for a five-year term by proportional representation in multi-seat constituencies.

Presidents of the Territorial Assembly[1]

Name Period
Paino Tu'ugahala 1962–1967
Sosefe Makapé Papillo 1967–1972
Mikaele Folaumahina 1972–1975
Soane Patita Lakina 1975–1977
Pasilio Tui 1977–1978
Manuele Lisahi 1978–1984
Pasilio Tui 1984–1986
Petelo Takatai December 1986 – March 1987
Keleto Lakalala March 1987 – December 1987
Falakiko Gata December 1987 – 1988
Manuele Lisiahi 1988–1989
Pasilio Tui 1989–1990
Clovis Logologofolau 1990 – March 1992
Soane Mani Uhila March 1992 – December 1994
Mikaele Tauhavili December 1994 – 1996
Keleto Lakalaka 1996 – March 16, 1997
Victor Brial March 16, 1997 – January 14, 1999
Soane Mani Uhila January 14, 1999 – January 2001
Patalione Kanimoa January 2001 – March 22, 2005
Apeleto Likuvalu March 22, 2005 – November 23, 2005
Emeni Simete November 23, 2005 – April 11, 2007
Pesamino Taputai April 11, 2007 – December 11, 2007
Victor Brial December 11, 2007 – December 2010
Siliako Lauhea December 2010 – Nov/Dec 2011
Pesamino Taputai Nov/Dec 2011 – April 4, 2012
Vetelino Nau April 4, 2012 – November 28, 2012
Sosefo Suve November 28, 2012 – December 11, 2013
Petelo Hanisi December 11, 2013 – present

Latest election

 Summary of the 1 April 2007 Territorial Assembly of Wallis and Futuna election results
Lists Votes % Seats
Various right-leaning lists (UMP, Modem,...) . 12
Various left-leaning lists (PS,...) . 8
Total   20
Source: French WorldHeritage.


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