The Best Of Taste Of Chaos Two

The Best of Taste of Chaos Two.
Compilation album by Various Artists
Released January 30, 2007
Genre Post-hardcore, metal, rock
Label Warcon Enterprises
Various Artists chronology

The Best of Taste of Chaos
The Best of Taste of Chaos Two.

The Best of Taste of Chaos Two. is a compilation album of material by bands that played in the Taste of Chaos tour.

Track listing

Disc 1

  1. Underoath – "In Regards to Myself"
  2. Thursday – "At This Velocity"
  3. Bullet for My Valentine – "4 Words (To Choke Upon)"
  4. Senses Fail – "Sick or Sane (Fifty For A Twenty)"
  5. Saosin – "Follow and Feel"
  6. Taking Back Sunday – "Error: Operator"
  7. Anti-Flag – "Press Corpse"
  8. Norma Jean – "Blueprints for Future Homes"
  9. Every Time I Die – "The New Black"
  10. Helmet – "Gone"
  11. Emery – "So Cold I Could See My Breath"
  12. Chiodos – "The Words 'Best Friend' Become Redefined"
  13. Bleed the Dream – "Confessions"
  14. The Smashup – "No Name"
  15. Boys Night Out - "Recovering"
  16. IllScarlett – "Nothing Special"
  17. Farewell to Freeway – "In These Wounds"
  18. Black Lungs – "In Memory"
  19. Sydney – "Get Some Purple Stuff...Hey, Sunny D"

Disc 2

  1. As I Lay Dying – "Empty Hearts"
  2. In Flames – "The Quiet Place"
  3. Shadows Fall – "In Effigy"
  4. Unearth – "Giles"
  5. DragonForce – "Fury Of The Storm"
  6. Bleeding Through – "Love In Slow Motion"
  7. All That Remains – "This Calling"
  8. God Forbid – "Chains Of Humanity"
  9. GWAR – "Eight Lock"
  10. Strapping Young Lad – "Wrong Side"
  11. A Life Once Lost – "Vulture"
  12. The Red Chord – "Antman"
  13. Job for a Cowboy – "Knee Deep"
  14. Diecast – "Fade Away"
  15. Zao – "Physician Heal Thyself"
  16. Protest the Hero – "Blindfolds Aside"
  17. Suicide Silence – "Distorted Through Addiction"
  18. Cancer Bats – "French Immersion"
  19. The Gorgeous – "Shy Guys"
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