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The Duke of Mount Deer (1998 TV series)

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Title: The Duke of Mount Deer (1998 TV series)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: Jordan Chan, The Deer and the Cauldron, Steven Ma, Lu Ding Ji (disambiguation), Noel Leung, Lau Kong, List of Hong Kong television series, Law Lan, Kwan Hoi-san
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The Duke of Mount Deer (1998 TV series)

The Duke of Mount Deer
DVD cover art
Also known as The Duke of Mount Deer 1998
Genre Wuxia, comedy, historical fiction
Written by Louis Cha (original story)
Starring Jordan Chan
Steven Ma
Cherie Chan
Rain Lau
Theme music composer Tsui Yuen
Ronald Ng
Opening theme Chi Chak Hung Yan (叱吒紅人) performed by Jordan Chan
Ending theme Tau Ting Yat Pin Tian (頭頂一片天) performed by Steven Ma
Country of origin Hong Kong
Original language(s) Cantonese
No. of episodes 45
Executive producer(s) Lee Tim-shing
Location(s) Hong Kong
Running time 45 minutes per episode
Production companies TVB
Original channel TVB
Original run June 1 – July 31, 1998
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The Duke of Mount Deer is a Hong Kong television series adapted from Louis Cha's novel The Deer and the Cauldron. It was first aired on TVB in Hong Kong in 1998.


Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.
  • Jordan Chan as Wai Siu-bo
  • Steven Ma as Hong-hei Emperor
  • Rain Lau as Princess Kin-ning
  • Cherie Chan as Seung-yee
  • Vivien Leung as Ah-or, Chan Yuen-yuen
  • Michelle Fung as So Chuen
  • Hilary Tsui as Fong Yee
  • Chan On-kei as Tsang Yau
  • May Kwong as Muk Kim-ping
  • Law Koon-lan as Wai Chun-fa
  • Ching Hor-wai as Empress Dowager
  • Ku Feng as Hoi Tai-fu
  • Ricky Wong as Oboi
  • Kwan Hoi-san as Chan Man-leung, Chan Kwong
  • Lau Kong as Prince Hong
  • Danny Summer as Chan Kan-nam
  • Pau Fong as Hung On-tung
  • Celine Ma as Mo Tung-chu
  • Wong Wai as Ng Sam-kwai
  • Mark Kwok as Cheng Hak-song
  • Andy Tai as Ng Ying-hung
  • Law Ho-kai as Songgotu
  • Wilson Tsui as To-lung
  • Tang Ying-man as Cheung Hon-nin
  • Yeung Tsi-to as Chiu Chai-yin
  • Joe Junior as Tong Yeuk-mong
  • Peter Lai as Ming-chu
  • Wah Chung-nam as Lei Tsi-sing
  • Kwong Tso-fai as See Long
  • Chan Chung-kin as Suksaha
  • Lee Kong-lung as Ng Luk-kei
  • Cheng Ka-sang as Tsui Tin-chuen
  • Chan Wing-chun as Fung Tsai-chung
  • Choi Kwok-hing as Chin Lo-bun
  • Yu Tin-wai as Taoist Yuen-tsing
  • Sit Chun-kei as Kwan Fu-tsi
  • Fong Kit as Ko Yin-chiu
  • Cheung Chun-wah as Ka Lo-luk
  • Chan Tik-hak as Chung Chi-ling
  • Che Po-law as Fat Monk
  • Wong Chun-hong as Thin Monk
  • Cheung Hon-ban as Luk Ko-suen
  • Lee Ka-keung as Muk Kim-shing
  • Lok Tat-wah as Lau Yat-chow
  • Tang Yu-wing as Ah-see-ha
  • Leo Tsang as Muk-lei-ma
  • Wong Sing-seung as Pan-po-yee-sin
  • Ho Pik-kin as Kang Ching-chung
  • Au Ngok as Seung Ho-hei
  • Kiu Hung as Ng Chi-wing
  • Wong Man-piu as Officer Ha
  • Chan On-ying as To Hung-ying
  • Yau Wai-chan as Lau Yin
  • Irene Wong as Tsui-cho
  • Siu Cheuk-yiu as Sui Tung
  • Lee Wong-sang as Wai Hak
  • Yau Biu as Leung Kau
  • Ng Man-sang as Siu-kwai-tsi
  • Tong Chun-ming as Wan Yau-to
  • Leung Chiu-ho as Wan Yau-fong
  • Mak Tsi-wan as See Chung
  • Cheng Lui as Taoist Mo-kan
  • Lee Tsi-kei as Yan Kam
  • Cheung Hung-cheung as Hui Wan-ting
  • Ling Hon as Cheung Tam-yuet
  • Leung Kin-pin as Cheung Lo-sam
  • Wong Wai-tak as Pak Hon-chung
  • Lee Wai-man as Pak Hon-fung
  • Wong Tin-chak as Lo Yat-fung
  • Wong Chi-wai as Pa-long-sing
  • Pok Kwan as Yeung Yat-chi
  • Lai Suen as Mrs Cheng
  • Kwok Tak-shun as Fung Sek-fan
  • Lilly Li as Kau-nan
  • Cheung Kwok-keung as Shun-chi Emperor
  • Sun Kwai-hing as Master Yuk-lam
  • Tam Yat-ching as Ching-kwong
  • Yu Tze-ming as Ching-koon
  • Tam Chuen-hing as Ching-tung
  • Toi Siu-man as Ching-sam
  • Ma Kim-kwong as Ching-sek
  • Chun Hung as Hang-tin
  • Lee Chi-wah as Ching-bun
  • Lee Chi-wai as Ching-ching
  • To Shek-man as Lau Tai-hung
  • Cho Kei as Ng Lap-san
  • Chun Wong as Mau Sap-bat
  • Wong Sun as Chong Wan-sing
  • Shek Wan as Sze-to Pak-lui
  • Man Kit-wan as Third Mistress Chong
  • Hung Tsi-hoi as Sung-tsing Emperor
  • Lui Kon-man as Pan-to
  • Wong Siu-lung as Chai Yuen-hoi
  • Yu Ying-ho as Tang Ping-chun
  • Yau Man-shing as Galdan Boshugtu Khan
  • Lee Hung-kit as Master Pa-ngan
  • Hui See-man as Shaman's wife
  • Law Kwan-tso as Desi Sangye Gyatso
  • Leung Chung as Fung Nan-tik
  • Chan Chi-hung as Master Hoi-chung
  • Kwok Cheuk-wah as Hon-tit-mo
  • Wan Yu-hung as Man Kwan
  • Yip Chun-shing as Lam Hing-chu
  • Ho Kwok-wing as Ko-lei-chun
  • Lau Hiu-tong as Sophia Alekseyevna
  • Koo Ming-wah as Chiu Leung-tung
  • Ngai Wai-man as Cheung Yung
  • Tang Yu-chiu as Wong Chun-bo
  • Cheung Hak as Suen See-hak
  • Law Kong as Kwai Sun-shu
  • Law Lan as Kwai Yee-neung
  • Chan Min-leung as Kwai Chung

External links

  • official page on TVB's website

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