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The Immaculate Collection (video)


The Immaculate Collection (video)

The Immaculate Collection
Released November 13, 1990
Recorded 1983-September 6, 1990
Genre Greatest Hits Compilation
Length 60 mins
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The Immaculate Collection is the first commercially released greatest videos compilation by singer Madonna. Released by Warner Music Vision, Warner Reprise Video and Sire Records on November 13, 1990 to accompany the audio CD, it contained hits spanning 1983-1990. The collection won "Best Long Form Video" category at the 1991 MTV Video Music Awards.[1][2] It was certified gold in Brazil by the Associação Brasileira dos Produtores de Discos (ABPD) for shipment of 25,000 copies.[3]


The music video was released on VHS, Laserdisc, VCD (Asia only) and later DVD. It includes the first showing of the video to "Oh Father" (1989) which is not included on the audio release and had not been a single in some countries.

The cover to this release was different from the audio version as it incorporated the back cover image from the CD/LP with the logo in the bottom right corner. The video sold 50,000 copies in its debut week and by the end of the year, had sold a 100,000 copies. After Nielsen Soundscan started tracking sales from March 1991, the video sold another 291,000 copies, for a total of 391,000 copies across United States.[4]

The video was also included in the double box set The Ultimate Collection which also contained The Immaculate Collection (1990) and also the 3 VHS box set The Madonna Collection in 2000, which also include Madonna Live: The Virgin Tour and The Girlie Show: Live Down Under.[5][6][7][8]


No. TitleWriter(s)Director(s) Length
1. "Lucky Star" (from Madonna, 1983)MadonnaArthur Pierson 3:30
2. "Borderline" (from Madonna, 1983)Reggie LucasMary Lambert 3:57
3. "Like a Virgin" (from Like a Virgin, 1984)Billy Steinberg, Tom KellyMary Lambert 3:50
4. "Material Girl " (from Like a Virgin, 1984)Peter Brown, Robert RansMary Lambert 4:43
5. "Papa Don't Preach" (from True Blue, 1986)Brian Elliot, MadonnaJames Foley 5:06
6. "Open Your Heart" (from True Blue, 1986)Madonna, Gardner Cole, Peter RafelsonJean-Baptiste Mondino 4:26
7. "La Isla Bonita" (from True Blue, 1986)Madonna, Patrick Leonard, Bruce GaitschMary Lambert 4:01
8. "Like a Prayer" (from Like a Prayer, 1989)Madonna, LeonardMary Lambert 5:39
9. "Express Yourself" (from Like a Prayer, 1989)Madonna, BrayDavid Fincher 5:02
10. "Cherish" (from Like a Prayer, 1989)Madonna, LeonardHerb Ritts 4:34
11. "Oh Father" (from Like a Prayer, 1989)Madonna, LeonardDavid Fincher 4:54
12. "Vogue" (from I'm Breathless, 1990)Madonna, Shep PettiboneDavid Fincher 4:54
13. "Vogue" (live at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards)Madonna, PettiboneDavid Fincher 6:25
Additional notes
  • "Lucky Star": VHS includes an edited version of the video and the Laserdisc and DVD formats have a long version (5:05).
  • "Express Yourself": includes an edited version of the video and has an audio similar to the original Like a Prayer album version in replacement to the Shep Pettibone remix which was officially released with the single in 1989. The full remix version was later released on the 2009 compilation Celebration: The Video Collection.

Production credits


  • Michele Ferrone ("Borderline")
  • Simon Fields ("Like A Virgin")
  • Gregg Fienberg ("Express Yourself")
  • Glenn Goodwin ("Lucky Star")
  • Bruce Logan ("Borderline")
  • David Naylor ("Papa Don't Preach", "Open Your Heart" and "La Isla Bonita")
  • Victoria Niles ("Oh Father" and "Vogue") (as Vicki Niles)
  • Sharon Oreck ("Papa Don't Preach", "Open Your Heart", "La Isla Bonita", "Like A Prayer" and "Cherish")

Directors of Photography

  • Michael Ballhaus ("Papa Don't Preach")
  • Jordan Cronenweth ("Oh Father")
  • Andrea Dietrich ("Borderline")
  • Wayne Isham ("Lucky Star")
  • Pascal Lebegue ("Open Your Heart" and "Vogue")
  • Bryan Loftus ("La Isla Bonita")
  • Mark Plummer ("Express Yourself")
  • Steven Poster ("Like A Prayer")
  • Herb Ritts ("Cherish")
  • Peter Sinclair ("Like A Virgin" and "Material Girl")


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