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The X Factor (U.S.) discography

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Title: The X Factor (U.S.) discography  
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Subject: The X Factor (U.S. TV series), Chino & Nacho, Tate Stevens, Alex & Sierra, Melanie Amaro
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The X Factor (U.S.) discography

Melanie Amaro, the season 1 winner, has released three singles.
Chris Rene came in third place in season 1, and has released an extended play and three singles.
Rachel Crow, who came in fifth place in season 1, has released an extended play and one single.
LeRoy Bell came in eighth place in season 1 and has released two albums and one single.
Tate Stevens, the season 2 winner, has released one album and one single.
Fifth Harmony came in third place in season 2. They have released one extended play and one single. They have become the most successful act to come out of the American version of the show.

The X Factor is an American television singing talent show. It was broadcast annually from 2011 until 2013. The winners and finalists of the seasons have seen varied levels of success with musical releases.


Artist Season Position in show Song title U.S. release date U.S. peak chart
Amaro, MelanieMelanie Amaro 1 Winner "Don't Fail Me Now" / "Love Me Now" September 18, 2012 DNC
"Long Distance" December 3, 2012 DNC
Krajcik, JoshJosh Krajcik Runner-up "One Thing She'll Never Know" November 29, 2012 DNC
"Back Where We Belong" March 5, 2013 DNC
Rene, ChrisChris Rene 3rd "Young Homie" March 13, 2012 101 [1]
"Trouble" June 26, 2012 DNC
"Rockin' with You" October 9, 2012 DNC
Canty, MarcusMarcus Canty 4th "Won't Make a Fool Out of You" March 7, 2012 DNC
"In & Out" July 31, 2012 DNC
"Used by You" December 11, 2012 DNC
Crow, RachelRachel Crow 5th "Mean Girls" June 26, 2012 DNC
Drew 6th "Illuminate Me" April 7, 2014 DNC
Bell, LeRoyLeRoy Bell 8th "One More Chance" October 1, 2012 DNC
Lakoda Rayne 9th "Emergency Brake" September 18, 2012 DNC
Francis, StacyStacy Francis 10th "Purple Rain" May 29, 2012 DNC
"I Am the Change" August 7, 2012 DNC
Battle, SimoneSimone Battle 13th (joint) "He Likes Boys" October 28, 2012 DNC
Brewer Boys, TheThe Brewer Boys 13th (joint) "The Christmas Song / Mistletoe" October 1, 2012 DNC
Tolliver, TiahTiah Tolliver 13th (joint) "I" June 19, 2012 DNC
Stevens, TateTate Stevens 2 Winner "Power of a Love Song" March 12, 2013 DNC
Fifth Harmony 3rd "Miss Movin' On" June 15, 2013 76 [2]
"Me & My Girls" July 16, 2013 104 [3]
"Better Together" October 26, 2013 DNC
"BO$$" July 8, 2014 43 [2]
Emblem3 4th "Chloe (You're the One I Want)" April 16, 2013 93 [4]
"3000 Miles" October 8, 2013 DNC
Alan, VinoVino Alan 7th "My Summer" May 22, 2013 DNC
LYRIC 145 12th "I Get It" February 10, 2013 DNC
Correy, DavidDavid Correy 14th (joint) "One More Chance" July 4, 2013 DNC
"Show Me" July 16, 2013 DNC
"Meant to Be" August 12, 2013 DNC


Artist Season Position in show Album title Release date U.S. peak chart
Krajcik, JoshJosh Krajcik 1 2nd Josh Krajcik November 29, 2012 140
Blindly, Lonely, Lovely April 2, 2013 140
Rene, ChrisChris Rene 3rd I'm Right Here October 2, 2012 55
Canty, MarcusMarcus Canty 4th This...Is Marcus Canty March 5, 2013 114
Crow, RachelRachel Crow 5th Rachel Crow June 26, 2012 DNC
Drew 6th Hello It's Me December 17, 2012 DNC
Bell, LeRoyLeRoy Bell 8th Traces February 28, 2012 DNC
Rock 'N Soul February 1, 2013 DNC
Tate Stevens 2 1st Tate Stevens April 23, 2013 18
Fifth Harmony 3rd Better Together October 22, 2013 6
Emblem3 4th Nothing to Lose July 30, 2013 7
Beatrice Miller 9th Young Blood April 22, 2014 64


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