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Tube Tales

Tube Tales
DVD Cover
Written by Amy Jenkins
Stephen Hopkins
Armando Iannucci
Gaby Dellal
Ed Allen
Paul Fraser
Atalanta Goulandris
Mark Greig
Nick Perry
Harsha Patel
Cinematography Sue Gibson
Brian Tufano
David Johnson
Edited by Liz Green
Niven Howie
Distributed by Amuse Video Inc.
Release dates
16 November 1999 (UK)
Running time
84 minutes
Language English

Tube Tales is a collection of nine short films based on the true-life experiences[1] of London Underground passengers as submitted to Time Out magazine. The stories were scripted and filmed independently of each other. Filming took place on the London Underground network in 1999 by nine directors including Stephen Hopkins, Charles McDougall and Bob Hoskins, with directorial debuts by Ewan McGregor and Jude Law. The project was produced by Richard Jobson. It is produced by Force Four Entertainment. Though playing a small role, it was Simon Pegg's first film.


  • The films 1
    • Mr Cool 1.1
    • Horny 1.2
    • Grasshopper 1.3
    • My Father the Liar 1.4
    • Bone 1.5
    • Mouth 1.6
    • A Bird in the Hand 1.7
    • Rosebud 1.8
    • Steal Away 1.9
  • References and notes 2
  • External links 3

The films

In order of screening:

Mr Cool

Director: Amy Jenkins
Writer: Amy Jenkins
Originator: Sue Smallwood
Starring: Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher and Kelly Macdonald
Synopsis: After failing to impress his dream girl, Mr Cool suffers the embarrassment of becoming trapped on a train to nowhere.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Jason Flemyng (Luke); Dexter Fletcher (Joe); Kelly Macdonald (Emma).


Director: Stephen Hopkins
Writer: Stephen Hopkins
Originator: Alex Piro
Starring: Denise van Outen and Tom Bell
Synopsis: A young woman uses her sexuality to avenge a businessman's sleazy desire of her.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Denise van Outen (Alex); Liz Smith (Old Lady); Tom Bell (Old Gent); Leah Fitzgerald (Little Girl).


Director: Menhaj Huda
Writer: Harsha Patel
Originator: Gary Dellaway
Starring:Dele Johnson, Ray Panthaki and Stephen Da Costa
Synopsis: Two inspectors close in on a suspected fare dodger, only to discover their target is not quite what he seemed, in a bizarre case of mistaken identity.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Stephen Da Costa (Mr X); Alicya Eyo (Shantel); Roger Griffiths (Charlie); Dele Johnson (Stevie); Preeya Kalidas (Reena); Peter McNamara (Roy); Mazhar Munir (Mazaar); Raiyo Panthaki (Mo); Ashish Raja (Bulla); Marcia Rose (Miss Clinique); Jake Wood (James).

My Father the Liar

Director: Bob Hoskins
Writer: Paul Fraser
Originator: Christine Barry
Starring: Ray Winstone and Tom Watson
Synopsis: A young boy and his father witness an incident that causes the father to lie to his son, to protect him.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Edna Doré (Bag Lady); Frank Harper (Ticket Inspector); William Hoyland (Suicide Victim); Richard Jobson (Vendor); Tom Watson (The Son); Ray Winstone (The Father).


Director: Ewan McGregor
Writer: Mark Greig
Originator: Sam Taggart
Starring: Nicholas Tennant and Kay Curram
Synopsis: A musician invents a fantasy world surrounding the owner of a lost travel card displayed in the window of the ticket office.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Corrinne Charton (Pot Plant Lady); Kay Curram (Louise); Joe Duttine (Flamboyant Soloist); Douglas L. Mellor (Concert Hall Manager); Nicholas Tennant (Gordon).


Director: Armando Iannucci
Writer: Armando Iannucci
Originator: Peter Hart
Starring: Daniela Nardini
Synopsis: A crowded compartment's attentions are drawn to an attractive well-groomed woman, but she doesn't quite live up to their individual expectations.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Helen Coker (Bride To Be); Mark Frost (Dude); Sky Glover (Girlfriend); Simon Greenall (Business Man); Dominic Holland (Cello Player); Daniela Nardini (Heroine); Matthew Xia (Boyfriend).

A Bird in the Hand

Director: Jude Law
Writer: Ed Allen
Originator: Jim Sillavan
Starring: Alan Miller
Synopsis: When a trapped bird stuns itself on a window, a couple of passengers debate the bird's fate before an elderly man liberates it above ground.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Ed Allen (Youth 2); Cleo Sylvestre (Woman).


Director: Gaby Dellal
Writers: Gaby Dellal an Atalanta Goulandris
Originator: Tracey Finch
Starring: Rachel Weisz
Synopsis: A mother is separated from her daughter and experiences agonising panic as she searches for her, whilst the child discovers a surreal wonderland.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Joao Costa Menezes (?); Doña Croll (Elizabeth); Leonie Elliott (Rosebud); Danny Cerqueira (Station Guard); Frank Harper (Station Guard); Ian Puleston-Davies (Typewriter Man); Rachel Weisz (Angela).

Steal Away

Director: Charles McDougall
Writer: Nick Perry
Originator: TJ Austin
Starring: Hans Matheson and Carmen Ejogo
Synopsis: Two young opportunists steal a briefcase, which turns out to contain wads of money. Their victim shoots at them, but they seem to escape unscathed onto an unused platform where they board a mysterious train. A preacher reads from the bible and a young boy washes passenger's feet. Leaving the train the couple leave the money with a tramp before heading to the exit where only one of their tickets is valid.
Cast: (in alphabetical order) Tim Barlow (Elderly Drunk); Darren Carr (Black Boy); Jim Carter (Ticket Inspector); Emma Cunniffe (Drained Young Woman); Clint Dyer (Walkman Boy); Jello Edwards (Middle Aged Woman); Annette Ekblom (Boy's Mum); Carmen Ejogo (Girl); Simon Kunz (White Pinstripe Suit Man); Hans Matheson (Michael); Simon Pegg (Clerk); Sean Pertwee (Driver); Lee Ross (Male Reveller); Don Warrington (Preacher).

References and notes

  1. ^ The person who submitted the details of the experience to Time Out magazine being credited as 'Originator'.

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