Vinţu de jos

Vințu de Jos

Location in Alba County
Vințu de Jos
Vințu de Jos
Location in Romania

Coordinates: 45°59′N 23°30′E / 45.983°N 23.500°E / 45.983; 23.500

Country  Romania
County Alba County
Population (2002)[1]
 • Total 5,295
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Coordinates: 45°59′N 23°30′E / 45.983°N 23.500°E / 45.983; 23.500

Vințu de Jos, also known as Vinț (German: Unter-Wintz, Winzendorf, Weinsdorf; Hungarian: Alvinc; Latin: Binstum) is a commune located in the centre of Alba County, Romania. It is composed of eighteen villages: Câmpu Goblii (Unter-Eisenberg), Ciocașu (Zoggesch), Crișeni (Krieschen), Dealu Ferului (Eisenberg), Gura Cuțului (Gurrenkutz), Hațegana (Hetzingen), Inuri (Lilienfeld), Laz (Slawendorf), Mătăcina (Mattatschin), Mereteu (Merethof), Pârău lui Mihai (Michelsdorf), Poienița (Pojenitz), Stăuini (Stabing), Valea Goblii (Goblsdorf), Valea lui Mihai (Michaelsdorf), Valea Vințului (Wintzbach), Vințu de Jos and Vurpăr (Burgberg-Walbersdorf).


Vințu de Jos has a surface of 8,527 hectares and is located on the Mureş River, in the centre of Alba County, approximately 10 km from the city of Sebeş on the Romanian National Road DN7, and 15 km from the county capital, Alba Iulia on the Romanian County Road 107C and the Romanian National Road DN1.

The commune is bordered by the city of Alba Iulia in the north-east, the city of Sebeş in the south-east, the communes of Pianu and Săliştea in the south, and the commune of Blandiana in the west.


The centre of the commune, Vințu de Jos, has a large train station and houses a shoe factory. The train station is an important connection station that links the CFR-Romanian Railways main lines 200 and 300 via the line 200A. It is also on the route of the original Orient Express.


The 2002 census recorded 5,295 people living at the time in the commune, of which 5,108 (96.5%) Romanians, 90 (1.7%) Roma, 76 (1.4%) Hungarians and 8 (0.2%) Germans.[1]

Local administration

The current mayor of the commune, as of 2006, is Alexandru Danciu (Democratic Party of Romania).

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  • (Romanian)Vinţu de Jos Archaeological Site


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