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Wang Kuan-hsiung

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Title: Wang Kuan-hsiung  
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Wang Kuan-hsiung

Wang Kuan Hsiung
Born Wang Feng
Tinian Taiwan
Other names Wong Goon Hung, Champ Wang, Frank Wong
Occupation Actor and Director
Years active 1972 - 1984

Wang Kuan Hsiung was a lean dapper Taiwanese actor [1] who was a well-known and popular leading man in the Kung Fu film genre of the 1970s and 1980s. He was cast as a romantic leading man in some of his films and he gained many female fans and is still considered a heart throb [2] He is mostly known for his role in a 1974 film as Chan Ming Lung aka "The Iron Ox" in Iron Ox, The Tiger's Killer, which is a tale about a student taking on a group of men, The Five Tigers in duels to avenge the death of his teacher.[3] This film also featured a well-known actor of the genre, Wong Fei-Lung .[4] The others a similar vein around the same time were Two Dagons Against Tiger 1974 and Chase Step By Step 1975.

His early films such as Kung Fu Queen, Chaochow Guy, Chase Step by Step, Iron Ox The Tiger's Killer AKA The Angry Fist, and Two Dragons Against Tiger, which were all "Old School" type of Kung Fu films that were produced in the 1970s.

He received a Golden Horse Award for the film ''White Jasmine'' [5] aka Mo li hua,[6] a 1980 film that also starred Sylvia Chang .[7]

He later branched out to writing and directing films that included Lewd Lizard 1979 and Yellow Skin 1985 [8] as well as some production work.[9]
He retired from the film business in 1984.[5]

Wang Kuan Hsiung is the name that he is most commonly known as but there are two others that he is often referred to as. They are Wong Goon Hung and Champ Wang.

His filmography is somewhat confusing and may be more extensive than most sites and reference books have indicated. However he has appeared in over 40 movies and credited under a multitude of names, including:

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