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WestCAT branded Gillig Low-Floor traveling along the JPX route
Parent Western Contra Costa Transit Authority
Founded 1977
Headquarters 601 Walter Ave, Pinole
Service area Contra Costa County, California
Service type transit bus, express bus, paratransit
Routes 14
Stops 300
Fleet 57
Daily ridership 4,944
Fuel type Diesel, Gasoline, & Hybrid Electric
Operator MV Transportation

WestCAT is a public transportation service in western Contra Costa County (north of Oakland, CA). It is a service of the Western Contra Costa Transit Authority.

The Western Contra Costa County Transit (WestCAT) was established in August 1977 as a Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement between Contra Costa County and the cities of Hercules and Pinole. It was created with the purpose of owning, operating and administering a public transportation system serving the area between the Richmond/El Sobrante border to the west and the Al Zampa Memorial Bridge to the east. WestCAT is governed by a 7-member Board of Directors and supported by professional staff of seven. The two cities of Pinole and Hercules are each represented by two board members, while the unincorporated communities of Crockett, Rodeo, and MonTaraBay each have one representative, appointed by the Contra Costa Board of Supervisors.

WestCAT's fleet started out with shuttle vans, and then using buses made by El Dorado National and Thomas Built Buses. Now, WestCAT runs an almost all Gillig fleet, ranging from 19 Gillig Phantoms, to 18 Gillig Low Floors. WestCAT also has 5 Motor Coach Industries (MCI) over-the-road coaches for use on the LYNX. In addition, WestCAT has 10 Ford E-450 Paratransit vans, and 2 Toyota Camry hybrid electric sedans used for Dial-A-Ride.


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Fixed-route service

As of September 2013, WestCAT provides a network of local and express bus routes throughout western Contra Costa County.[1] In addition, WestCAT operates regional service between Martinez (Route 30Z) and the Hercules Transit Center and between the Hercules Transit Center and Contra Costa College (Route C3). The (Local) routes are 10, 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19. Also (Express) JX, JL/JR (referred to as the "J" by most riders, the "L" designates via Lakeside Drive, and the "R" designates via Richmond Parkway), JPX (serves Pinole Valley residents wanting to go to the Hercules Transit Center or BART). Also, WestCAT operates transbay service between the Hercules Transit Center and the San Francisco Transbay Terminal called the LYNX with stops in the Rodeo Park and Ride located on Willow Avenue, North Shore Business Park near Bio-Rad, the Victoria by the Bay neighborhood in Hercules and the Hercules Transit Center. From the Hercules Transit Center the line then goes nonstop to San Francisco via the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes on I-80. WestCAT currently offers free Wi-Fi service on the LYNX line.[2]

Major transfer points for the majority of WestCAT and other agency's routes include:


Route Number Direction Terminals Days of Operation Schedule Information Notes
North/East Terminal South/West Terminal
10 Loop Hercules Transit Center - Turquoise Weekdays Route 10 Schedule
11 Loop Hercules Transit Center - Crockett Weekdays and Saturdays Route 11 Schedule
12 Loop Hercules Transit Center - Mandalay/Bonaire Weekdays Route 12 Schedule
15 Loop Hercules Transit Center - Viewpointe Blvd Weekdays Route 15 Schedule
16 Loop Richmond Parkway Transit Center - Wright Ave/Doidge Ave Weekdays Route 16 Schedule
17 Loop Richmond Parkway Transit Center - Cypress/Broadmore Weekdays (except midday) Route 17 Schedule
18 Loop Richmond Parkway Transit Center - Tara Hills Weekdays (except midday) Route 18 Schedule
19 Loop Hercules Transit Center - Hilltop Mall Shopping Center Saturdays Only Route 19 Schedule [19]
Regional Route
East-West Hercules Transit Center
Contra Costa College Weekdays Route C3 Schedule
Regional Route
East-West Martinez Amtrak Hercules Transit Center Weekdays Route 30Z Schedule [30Z]
Express Route
North-South Hercules Transit Center
Weekdays after 8pm & Weekends
El Cerrito del Norte BART Daily Route J Schedule [J]
Express Route
North-South Hercules Transit Center El Cerrito del Norte BART Weekdays (except midday) Route JX Schedule
Express Route
North-South Hercules Transit Center El Cerrito del Norte BART Weekdays Route JPX Schedule [JPX]
Transbay Route
North-South Willow Avenue
Commute trips
Hercules Transit Center
Non-commute trips
S.F. Transbay Terminal Weekdays (limited holiday service) Route LYNX Schedule [LYNX]

  • † Holidays schedule is shown on the WestCAT Holidays page.
  • [JPX] Richmond Parkway Transit Center service only during midday from 9:40am to 2:30pm, route also serves Hercules Transit Center.
  • [J] JR Via Richmond Parkway and Blume Drive and JL Via Lakeside Drive.
  • [LYNX] Route serves Hercules Transit Center, and most peak period services also serve Bio-Rad, all terminating at Victoria By The Bay. Also operates midday (non-commute) trips between San Francisco and Hercules Transit Center, and it does not serve Bio-Rad or Victoria By The Bay.


Fares are effective 1 October 2008.[3]

Cash and Passes

Route Type Adult/Student (6-64) Senior (65+)/Disabled
Fixed Route/Express Single ride US$1.75 US$0.75
Day Pass US$3.50 US$1.50
31-Day Pass US$40.00 US$20.00
Stored Value Pass US$20.00 US$7.50
East Bay Value Pass # US$60.00 US$60.00
LYNX Transbay Route Single ride US$5.00 US$2.00
31-Day Pass US$140.00 US$70.00
10-Ride Pass US$50.00 US$20.00
Dial-A-Ride Single ride US$4.00 US$1.25
Discount Tickets not available US$10.00
ADA Paratransit Single ride not available US$3.00
Discount Tickets not available US$25.00


Route Transfer from Adult/Student (6-64) Senior (65+)/Disabled
Fixed Route/Express other WestCAT buses, Capitol Corridor, County Connection, and Tri Delta Transit FREE FREE
BART, SolTrans, AC Transit, and Golden Gate Transit US$1.00 US$0.50
LYNX Local trips WestCAT Local Fixed Routes/Express FREE FREE
LYNX Transbay Route WestCAT Local Fixed Routes/Express US$3.25 US$1.25
  • † Children under six years of age may ride free, but must be accompanied by an adult. Limit 2 children under six years per fare paying adult.
  • ‡ Appropriate identification must be presented to obtain the discounted Senior/Disabled fare.
  • East Bay Value Pass value on all WestCAT, County Connection, Wheels and Tri Delta Transit fixed-route buses, with the exception of LYNX.
  • ₮ In order to facilitate passenger connections between WestCAT and other agency, transfer slips are issued upon request at the time the proper fare is paid and transfer at shared stops only (exception Capital Corridor trains, which are FREE anywhere within WestCAT’s service area with validated transfer).

Service Area

A WestCAT fixed route bus at the temporary San Francisco Transbay Terminal.

WestCAT provides service to the communities of:

The local transportation demand management organization 511 Contra Costa also provides information for intermodal transfers throughout Contra Costa County, and works closely with WestCAT to help transit users make regional connections beyond their immediate service area.


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