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Western League (defunct minor league)

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Title: Western League (defunct minor league)  
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Subject: List of Des Moines sports teams, Minor League Baseball, New Orleans Zephyrs, Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium, Hitting streak
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Western League (defunct minor league)

The Western League is a name given to several circuits in 1995. This article, however, concentrates on the two Class A leagues that played from 1900–37 and from 1947–58.

The minor leagues went unclassified through 1901. From 1902 until 1911, Class A was the highest level in the minor leagues. In 1912, a new top tier, Class AA, was created; in 1936, a second tier, Class A1, came into being. In 1946, the Class AA leagues were renamed AAA, and the A1 loops were renamed AA. Thus the Western League – whose clubs were actually located in the Great Plains, Rocky Mountain States, the Upper Midwest and the Upper Southwest – was a top-level minor league until 1911, then two levels below Major League Baseball through 1935, and three steps removed in 1936–37 and when it was revived in 1947 during the post-war minor league baseball boom.

Its longest-serving franchise was located in Des Moines, Iowa, which joined the WL in 1900 and played continuously through 1937, when the league shut down during the Great Depression. Des Moines then rejoined the reborn Western circuit when Colorado Senator Edwin C. Johnson founded it in 1947; this team, a Chicago Cubs affiliate called the Des Moines Bruins, then played for the final 12 years of the league's existence.


  • 1900 League 1
    • 1900 1.1
    • 1901 1.2
    • 1902 1.3
    • 1903 1.4
    • 1904 1.5
    • 1905 1.6
    • 1906 1.7
    • 1907 1.8
    • 1908 1.9
    • 1909 1.10
    • 1910 1.11
    • 1911 1.12
    • 1912 1.13
    • 1913 1.14
    • 1914 1.15

1900 League

Teams in Denver, Colorado, Des Moines, Iowa, Omaha, Nebraska, Pueblo, Colorado, St. Joseph, Missouri and Sioux City, Iowa all formed and created the new Western League.


Team Name Record
Denver Grizzlies 61–44
Des Moines Hawkeyes 54–45
Sioux City Cornhuskers 49–48
Omaha Omahogs 51–53
St. Joseph Saints 51–58
Pueblo Indians 41–64


The teams in Pueblo and Sioux City folded. New teams in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and St. Paul, Minnesota, formed and joined the League. Teams from Kansas City, Missouri, and Minneapolis, Minnesota moved from the American League.

Team Name Record
Kansas City Blues 79–44
St. Paul Saints 69–54
St. Joseph Saints 69–58
Denver Grizzlies 60–59
Omaha Omahogs 61–62
Minneapolis Millers 56–62
Des Moines Hawkeyes 48–75
Colorado Springs Millionaires 45–73


The Minneapolis and St. Paul teams joined the American Association. New teams in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Peoria, Illinois, formed and joined the League.

Team Name Record
Kansas City Blue Stockings 82–54
Omaha Indians 84–56
Milwaukee Creams 80–54
Denver Grizzlies 81–57
St. Joseph Saints 71–68
Colorado Springs Millionaires 63–75
Des Moines Midgets 54–83
Peoria Distillers 35–103


Team Name Record
Milwaukee Creams 83–43
Colorado Springs Millionaires 76–52
Kansas City Blue Stockings 65–61
St. Joseph Saints 62–59
Denver Grizzlies 61–70
Peoria Distillers 57–69
Des Moines Undertakers 55–76
Omaha Indians 49–78


The teams in Milwaukee, Kansas City, and Peoria folded. the Sioux City, Iowa team from the Iowa-South Dakota League joined the League.

Team Name Record
Omaha Packers 90–60
Colorado Springs Millionaires 85–58
Denver Grizzlies 87–61
Des Moines Prohibitionists 76–69
St. Joseph Saints 53–93
Sioux City Soos 45–98


The Colorado Springs team, with a record of 22–48, moved to Pueblo, Colorado on July 15, where they had a record of 30–44.

Team Name Record
Des Moines Underwriters 95–54
Denver Grizzlies 92–58
Omaha Rourkes 87–62
Sioux City Packers 80–68
Colorado Springs Millionaires/Pueblo Indians 52–92
St. Joseph Saints 37–109


The St. Joseph team moved to the Western Association. A new team in Lincoln, Nebraska, formed and joined the League.

Team Name Record
Des Moines Champions 97–50
Lincoln Ducklings 75–74
Omaha Rourkes 73–74
Sioux City Packers 69–81
Denver Grizzlies 68–81
Pueblo Indians 63–85


Team Name Record
Omaha Rourkes 84–63
Lincoln Treeplanters 79–63
Des Moines Champs 76–63
Denver Grizzlies 67–75
Pueblo Indians 65–73
Sioux City Packers 56–90


Team Name Record
Sioux City Soos 88–57
Omaha Rourkes 86–59
Lincoln Greenbackers 74–73
Denver Grizzlies 71–75
Pueblo Indians 63–78
Des Moines Boosters 54–94


Teams from Topeka, Kansas, and Wichita, Kansas, joined from the Western Association.

Team Name Record
Des Moines Boosters 93–59
Sioux City Soos 94–60
Omaha Rourkes 84–68
Topeka Jayhawks 76–73
Wichita Jobbers 71082
Denver Grizzlies 69–82
Lincoln Greenbackers 61–89
Pueblo Indians 58–93


The Pueblo team folded. A new team in St. Joseph, Missouri, formed and joined the League.

Team Name Record
Sioux City Packers 108–60
Denver Grizzlies 102–65
Lincoln Railsplitters 95–71
Wichita Jobbers 89–78
Omaha Rourkes 84–82
St. Joseph Drummers 76–91
Des Moines Boosters 72–96
Topeka Jayhawks 42–125


The Wichita team, with a record of 15–9, moved to Pueblo, Colorado on May 22, Their record there was 77–66.

Team Name Record
Denver Grizzlies 111–54
St. Joseph Drummers 93–72
Wichita Jobbers/Pueblo Indians 92–75
Omaha Rourkes 85–80
Sioux City Packers 85–80
Lincoln Railsplitters 84–81
Topeka Kaws 60–104
Des Moines Boosters 49–113


The Pueblo team moved back to Wichita, Kansas.

Team Name Record
Denver Grizzlies 99–63
St. Joseph Drummers 94–72
Omaha Rourkes 92–71
Des Moines Boosters 82–80
Lincoln Railsplitters 83–81
Sioux City Packers 74–85
Wichita Jobbers 75–89
Topeka Jayhawks 51–109

Denver defeated the Minneapolis team of the American Association 4 games to 1.


Team Name Record
Denver Bears 104–62
Des Moines Boosters 93–72
St. Joseph Drummers 89–78
Lincoln Greenbackers 87–80
Omaha Rourkes 79–86
Sioux City Packers 73–92
Topeka Jayhawks 73–92
Wichita Jobbers 65–101

Milwaukee of the American Association defeated Denver 4 games to 2.


Wichita Jobbers renamed Wichita Wolves.

Team Name Record
Sioux City Indians 105–60
Denver Bears 96–72
St. Joseph Drummers 89–75
Des Moines Boosters 82–81
Lincoln Tigers 81–87
Omaha Rourkes 77–87
Topeka Jayhawks 68–97
Wichita Wolves 63–102

Indianapolis of the American Association defeated Denver 4 games to 2.

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