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Wu Zhi

Wu Zhi
Traditional Chinese 吳質
Simplified Chinese 吴质

Wu Zhi (died 230), courtesy name Jizhong (季重), was a politician in the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period. Towards the end of the Han Dynasty, he served as an adviser to Cao Pi, a son of the warlord Cao Cao. Cao Pi was vying with his younger brother Cao Zhi for the succession to their father's position of nobility. Wu Zhi was the one who hid in a silk hamper to sneak into Cao Zhi's estate, but word got out of this trick so he refilled the hamper with silk, thereby averting disaster. Yang Xiu was alerted of Wu Zhi's attempt to sneak in and warned his lord, Cao Cao. However, upon finding Wu Zhi gone, Cao Cao was displeased by Yang Xiu and Xiu lost favour. Wu Zhi remained a loyal vassal of Cao Pi and offered him advice on how to gain favour with his father; Wu Zhi told Cao Pi to act emotionally whenever Cao Cao went away on military ventures, giving the impression that Cao Pi was a loyal son and retainer. Upon becoming Emperor of Cao Wei, Cao Pi made his friend a Marquis and General of the North. Wu Zhi remained a loyal vassal until his death.

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