Australian honours order of precedence

The Governor General of Australia has, at irregular intervals, notified for general information the positioning of the wearing of Australian Orders, Decorations and Medals in the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette. The Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards was last published in 2007, and replaced the previous list published in 2002.[1]

Prior to 2002, the lists were named the Australian Order of Precedence of Honours and Awards.[2] With the cessation in 2013 of the gazettal of lists of recipients of Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday Honours, it is not yet known if future issues of the Order of Wearing Australian Honours and Awards will be gazetted.[3]

Order of wear

Order of wearing decorations and awards within the Australian Honours System.[4]

Honours and Awards listed are:

  • those within the Australian System of Honours and Awards;
  • those conferred by The Sovereign in exercise of the Royal Prerogative;
  • those within the Order of St John; and
  • foreign awards, the acceptance and wearing of which have been authorised by the Governor-General.

Note that awards of the British Empire/United Kingdom are now considered foreign, and should be worn accordingly.[5]

If awarded after 5 October 1992

See also: Order of Wearing of honours awarded prior to 6 October 1992
  1. VC
  2. Cross of Valour CV (equal precedence to the Victoria Cross for Australia, but second in the order of wear)
  3. KG/LG
  4. KT/LT
  5. OM
  6. Last awarded 13 June 1983)
  7. GCVO
  8. (Military Division)
  10. (Military Division)
  11. CVO
  12. Star of Gallantry SG
  13. Star of Courage SC
  14. Distinguished Service Cross DSC
  15. (Military Division)
  16. Conspicuous Service Cross CSC
  17. Nursing Service Cross NSC
  18. Medal for Gallantry MG
  19. Bravery Medal BM
  20. Distinguished Service Medal DSM
  21. Public Service Medal PSM
  22. Australian Police Medal APM
  23. Australian Fire Service Medal AFSM
  24. Ambulance Service Medal ASM
  25. Emergency Services Medal ESM
  26. (Military Division)
  27. Conspicuous Service Medal CSM
  28. Australian Antarctic Medal AAM
  29. Royal Victorian Medal RVM
  30. Commendation for Gallantry
  31. Commendation for Brave Conduct
  32. Commendation for Distinguished Service
  33. Korea Medal
  34. Vietnam Medal
  35. International Force East Timor Medal (INTERFET)
  36. Afghanistan Medal
  37. Iraq Medal
  38. Australian General Service Medal Korea
  39. Rhodesia Medal
  40. Police Overseas Service Medal
  41. Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal
  42. National Emergency Medal
  43. Civilian Service Medal 1939–1945
  44. National Police Service Medal
  45. 80th Anniversary Armistice Remembrance Medal (1999)
  46. Australian Sports Medal (2000)
  47. Centenary Medal (2001)
  48. Defence Force Service Medal
  49. Reserve Force Decoration RFD
  50. Reserve Force Medal
  51. Defence Long Service Medal
  52. National Medal
  53. Australian Defence Medal
  54. Australian Cadet Forces Service Medal
  55. Champion Shots Medal
  56. Anniversary of National Service 1951–1972 Medal
  57. Foreign Awards (in order of date of authorisation of their acceptance and wearing).


The following citations are not positioned according to the list above. For members of the uniformed services, they are worn according to respective Service dress rules. For civilians, they are worn centrally above any other honours or awards:

Foreign awards

Specific foreign awards are not mentioned on the Order of Wear - just the general comment that foreign awards appear after the awards mentioned.

However, the following are international and foreign honours commonly awarded to Australians for various reasons.

Commandeur Legion of Honour - awarded for Excellent civil or military conduct delivered France
Distinguished Service Order (Military) Singapore
Meritorious Service Medal (Military)
Order of National Security Merit - usually awarded for joint operations South Korea
Civil Order of the British Empire - awarded for Miscellaneous (civil or military) service United Kingdom
Commander Legion of Merit - awarded to senior defence commanders United States
Meritorious Service Medal - usually awarded for joint operations

For foreign awards commonly awarded to Australians for campaign and peacekeeping service please refer to the list on Australian Campaign Medals.

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