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Northern coast of Egypt

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Title: Northern coast of Egypt  
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Subject: Climate of Egypt, Baltim, Geography of Egypt, Sheikh Zuweid, El Alamein
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Northern coast of Egypt

The Mediterranean Coast of Egypt
Hotels of Porto Marina.

The Mediterranean Coast of Egypt or the Northern Coast of Egypt (Arabic: الساحل الشمالىel-Sāḥel el-Šamāli ) extends for about 1,050 km (650 mi) from Rafah in the east on Sinai Peninsula to Sallum in the west on the Egyptian-Libyan border. It is one of the longest Mediterranean shores in North Africa.

The city of Alexandria lies at the center of the Mediterranean Egyptian coastline, as chosen by Alexander the Great. It has been the hub of sea travel between the Mediterranean Sea and the Nile Delta for. over2300 years.


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Geography and nature

On contrast to Egypt's Red Sea Riviera, its Mediterranean coastline is totally plain with low altitude shrublands along the region, except for the westernmost portion which is formed by the 400m-high Marmarika Plateau. It is also characterised by the occurrence of Egypt's five northernmost lakes.

The region has typical Mediterranean flora and fauna on land and in marine life with the weather being between pleasant and hot during summer and mild in winter. The region receives the most rain in Egypt, hail and sleet fall rarely in winter. Snowfalls occur in some inland towns and locations.


Even though all of Egypt lies within the hot desert climate (BWh) according to Köppen climate classification with little precipitation, prevailing winds from the Mediterranean sea greatly moderate the temperatures of the northern coastal line, making the summers moderately hot and humid, while the winters moderately wet and mild, when sleet and hail are also common, in and around the wettest places, as Alexandria.

Temperatures range between a minimum monthly average of 9.5 °C (49.1 °F) in winter and 23 °C (73 °F) in summer, while a maximum monthly average of 17 °C (63 °F) in winter and 31 °C (88 °F) in summer.

Cities, towns and villages

Egypt's Mediterranean coast can be differentiated into 4 subregions:

  • Western North Coast: Which has higher rain precipitation. Higher altitude witnesses higher snowfalls and it is colder than the other 3 portions. It also has more shrubed and forested terrain, Yet with no lakes. This subregion faces Greece and Crete. It has cities, towns and villages like:
  • Central North Coast: The southernmost Mediterranean shoreline in Egypt, forming a big gulf. It has no lakes as well. This subregion faces the West of Turkey. It has cities, towns and villages like:
    • El Alamein the southernmost Mediterranean coastal city
    • Marina, Egypt a leading Egyptian major resorts town, and host site of Ancient Egyptian and Roman monuments.
    • Sedi Kreir a major town and municipality
    • Borg el Arab a major city
    • Alexandria the main Mediterranean city and seaport. At the center of the entire Medi coastline and the second largest city in Egypt.
  • Delta's North Coast: Which is settled by larger populations and hosts larger cities -With exception of Alexandria-. It has Nile Delta which features hail and sleet in winters. Sometime frost and frozen ground during winter nights destroy the crops and agriculture plants. 3 of Egypt's Northern Lakes are located there: Lake Mariout, Edko Lake and Lake Burullus. This subregion faces Central Turkey. Its cities, towns and villages are like:
    • Rosetta a historic western Nile delta city where Rashid's Nile branch and Mediterranean meet (aka Rashid)
    • Baltim at the northern tip of the Nile Delta. One of North Africa's northern towns
    • Gamasa a local touristic city
    • Ras El Bar a touristic city for locals where Damietta's Nile branch and Mediterranean meet
    • Ezbet el Borg is a fishing city at the other bank of the Damietta River
    • Damietta a major eastern Nile Delta city and seaport in Egypt
  • Eastern North Coast: It has the least precipitation, yet its cities and towns are of great geopolitical and economic importance. It is colder on its eastern part than its other part. 2 Northern lakes of Egypt are found in this subregion as well: Lake Manzala and Lake Bardawil. This subregion faces Cyprus and Turkey. It has cities, towns and villages like:

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