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Orders of magnitude (resistance)

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Title: Orders of magnitude (resistance)  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
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Subject: Orders of magnitude, Orders of magnitude (illuminance), Orders of magnitude (entropy), Orders of magnitude (luminance), Macroscopic scale
Collection: Electronics, Orders of Magnitude
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Orders of magnitude (resistance)

List of orders of magnitude for electrical resistance
Factor Multiple Value Item
0 0 Ω 0 Ω Resistance of a superconductor
10-8 10 nΩ 10 nΩ
10-6 microohm μΩ 1.629 x 10-7 1 cm3 block of silver[1]
10-3 milliohm mΩ
10-2 centiohm cΩ
10-1 deciohm dΩ 2 dΩ 1 meter path in 35g/kg salinity seawater at 20°C
100 ohm Ω 9.8 Ω Circular mil-foot of silver
101 decaohm daΩ 2.99792458 x 101 Ω Planck impedance
102 hectoohm hΩ 6.60 x 102 Ω Circular mil-foot of Nichrome
103 kilohm kΩ ± 1 x 103 Ω Resistance of the human body through wet or broken skin
105 ± 1 x 105 Ω Resistance of the human body with dry skin
106 megohm MΩ
109 gigohm GΩ
1010 10 gigohm GΩ 9.9 x 1010 Ω Highest resistor code on common circuits (white white white)
1011 100 gigohm GΩ
1012 terohm TΩ
1013 10 terohm TΩ
1014 100 terohm TΩ 2 x 1014 Ω 1 meter path through quartz, upper limit[2]
1015 petohm PΩ
1016 10 petohm PΩ
1017 100 petohm PΩ
1018 exohm EΩ
1019 10 exohm EΩ 2 x 1019 Ω 1 meter path though sulphur at standard temperature and pressure[3]


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