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Japan national cricket team

ICC membership granted 1989
ICC member status Associate member
ICC development region East Asia/Pacific (formerly Asia)
World Cricket League division N/A
Captain Seiji Sugiura
Coach Scott McNaughton
First recorded match 6 September 1996 v Brunei at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
As of 1 June 2009

The Japan national cricket team is the team that represents the country of Japan in international cricket matches. They have been an associate member of the International Cricket Council since 2005, having previously been an affiliate member since 1989.[1] They are currently ranked at equal 37th in the world and at fourth amongst non-test teams in their region.[2]


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      • ACC Trophy 1.1.1
      • World Cricket League 1.1.2
  • Upcoming tournaments 2
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Cricket was first played in Japan in 1868 when a group of English merchants living in Yokohama founded the Yokohama Cricket Club, playing their matches on what eventually became the Yokohama Stadium.[3] The club, now known as the Yokohama Country & Athletic Club, still plays cricket today.[4]

Cricket did not become organised until the 1980s, when the Japan Cricket Association was formed.[4] They became an affiliate member of the ICC in 1989,[1] and the national team first played in the 1996 ACC Trophy, losing all their games including a 380 run defeat by Fiji.[5] They continued without success in the 1998 tournament[6] and the 2000 tournament.[7]

After the 2000 ACC Trophy, they left the Asian Cricket Council and became part of the ICC's East Asia/Pacific region. They played in the East Asia Eights tournament in Australia in February 2002, finishing as runners-up to an Australian indigenous team.[8] Indonesia and South Korea were the other teams in the tournament.[9] In 2004, they hosted the East Asia Pacific Cricket Challenge tournament as part of qualification for the 2007 World Cup, finishing third after beating Indonesia in a play-off.[10]

In June 2005, Japan were promoted to associate membership of the ICC[4] and that year they played in the 2005 ICC EAP Cricket Cup in Vanuatu, winning the tournament after beating the Cook Islands in the final.[11] The following year they played in the 2006 ICC EAP Cricket Trophy in Brisbane finishing last in the three team tournament that also involved Fiji and the Cook Islands.[12]

In December 2007 Japan took part in the 2007 ICC EAP Cricket Trophy in Auckland, New Zealand, playing against the Cook Islands, Indonesia, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.[13] Japan won the tournament and qualified for Division Five of the World Cricket League where they finished in tenth place out of the twelve countries represented[2] in Jersey.[14]

Tournament history

ACC Trophy

  • 1996: First round[5]
  • 1998: First round[6]
  • 2000: First round[7]

World Cricket League

Upcoming tournaments

Japan placed fourth in the 2009 ICC World Cricket League Division Seven. This qualifies for them to compete in the 2011 ICC World Cricket League Division Seven in Botswana.


The following table lists the 16 players in Japans's squad for the 2009 ICC World Cricket League Division Seven.[15]
Name Age Batting style Bowling style
Ko Irie 32 RHB
Gavin Beath 36 RHB RM
Kenji Murata 33 RHB LB
Masaomi Kobayashi (c) 32 RHB RM
Munir Ahmed 48 RHB LB
Naoki Miyaji 36 RHB RM
Patrick Giles-Jones 32 LHB LMF
Naotsune Miyaji 26 RHB RM
Tatsuro Chino (wk) 30 RHB
Cheema Razaq 36 RHB LFM
Takuro Hagihara 29 RHB RM
Fumihiko Uegaki 25 RHB
Yuta Matsubara 40 LHB LFM
Satoshi Nakano 28 RHB RM
Prashant Kale 33 RHB OB
Inamota Yatishika 29 LHB LB

See also


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External links

  • Japan Cricket Association Official Site – in Japanese
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