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Kamehameha and His Warrior Kekuhaupi'O

By Samuel M. Kamakau

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Reproduction Date: 5/31/2011

Title: Kamehameha and His Warrior Kekuhaupi'O  
Author: Samuel M. Kamakau
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, History of the Americas (Canada, Mexico, Central and South America, etc.), Hawaiian History
Collections: Authors Community, Education
Publication Date:
Publisher: Kamehameha School Press
Member Page: Hale Kuamoʻo Hawaiian Language Center


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Beginning with the traditional history of the great chief ‘Umi and ending with the death of Kamehameha III in 1854, this volume covers the rediscovery of the Hawaiian Islands by Captain James Cook, the consolidation of the Hawaiian Kingdom by Kamehameha I, the coming of the missionaries and the changes affecting the kingdom during the first half of the nineteenth century. Originally, this history was written by Kamakau in Hawaiian as a series of newspaper articles in the 1860s and 1870s. The English translation is primarily by Mary Kawena Pukui. It offers more than a record of past events. It presents a scholarly interpretation of those events by a Hawaiian historian writing for Hawaiians about their culture and disappearing customs. He lived at a time when access to first-hand information about the ancient culture was still available yet needed explanation because his Hawaiian audience was growing increasingly removed from its own cultural past. He wrote with a remarkable memory, a strong intellectual curiosity and a skill for turning a phrase. Samuel Manaiakalani Kamakau was born in 1815 on the island of O‘ahu and died in Honolulu in 1876. His schooling and subsequent teaching at Lahainaluna Seminary on Maui gave him a lifelong interest in Hawaiian culture and history. Throughout his career, he was active in politics and government service. He was elected to numerous terms in the legislature and served as an educator, civil servant and judge.

The first article, dated December 16, 1920, was entitled “A Tale of Kekuhaupi‘o, the Famous Warrior of the Era of Kamehameha the Great (Written for the readers of Ka Hoku o Hawaii).” The serial initially focuses on the story of Kekuhaupi‘o, an exceptionally strong and skillful Hawaiian warrior from Ke‘ei, South Kona. As with most noted warriors, he was a master in the ways of battle strategy and in understanding human nature in his enemies and allies alike. Kekuhaupi‘o advocated the importance of continued training to be always prepared for battle. He believed in heeding the omens of the gods of ancient Hawai‘i—spirits from whom victory or defeat was thought to spring. Kekuhaupi‘o was well versed in the many disciplines of Hawaiian warfare, particularly that of lua (a bone-breaking form of wrestling), and a master in the use of weaponry.

Table of Contents
The Young Kekuhaupi‘o. 1 -- A New Teacher.. 3 -- The Ailolo Ceremony.. 6 -- Luring the Niuhi Shark.. 9 -- The Niuhi Shark: Methods of Capture.. 11 -- Battling the Niuhi Shark. 13 -- Ailolo Offering and a Lua Contest.. 15 -- Ikoi, the Tripping Club, and Delegate Kuhio. 18 -- Demonstrating Ikoi.. 20 -- The Ikoi Contest and Return Home.. 23 -- Birth of Kamehameha I.. 25 -- Kekuhaupi‘o Becomes an Instructor.. 28 -- Battle of Kalaeokailio, Kaupo.. 30 -- Kalani‘opu‘u Again Takes War to Maui. 33 -- Kalani‘opu‘u Disregards his Kahuna. 35 -- Kekuhaupi‘o’s Adventure with Kamehameha on Maui. 38 -- Disaster at Kakanilua, Maui. 41 -- Slaughter on Maui. 44 -- Kiwala‘o Sent to Sue for Peace. 47 -- On Board Captain Cook’s Ship and the Thundering Cannon. 51 -- First Encounters with Europeans. 55 -- Kamehameha Sails with Cook. 59 -- Training for Battle in Kohala. 62 -- Kekuhaupi‘o Rebukes Kamehameha and Prepares for War. 65 -- Fighting at Hakalau. 68 -- Kekuhaupi‘o Kills Kaihe and Kamehameha Recalled to Kohala. 71The Naha Stone. 75 -- Kamehameha Moves the Naha Stone. 79 -- Kalani‘opu‘u’s Bequests. 82 -- ‘Imakakoloa Sacrificed. 85 -- Kuka‘ilimoku Given to Kamehameha. 88 -- Kamehameha Returns to Kohala. 92Death of Kalani‘opu‘u and a List of Progeny. 95 -- Kalani‘opu‘u’s Funeral Journey to Kona. 99 -- Keawemauhili Insults the Kona Chiefs. 102 -- Kiwala‘o Humiliates Kamehameha During ‘Awa Ceremony. 105 -- War Conference and Kiwala‘o Calls on Kamehameha. 110 -- Kiwala‘o Divides the Lands. 113 -- Keouaku‘ahu‘ula Denied Lands. 115 -- Keouaku‘ahu‘ula’s Aggressive Act at Ke‘ei. 119 -- Holoa‘e’s Prophecy and Preparations for Battle. 123 -- Battle Begins and a Prophecy Fulfilled. 125 -- Ahia is Killed. 129 -- Ke‘eaumoku is Wounded. 132 -- Kiwala‘o Dies and Holo‘ae’s Prophecy Fulfilled. 135 -- Fate of Keawemauhili. 138 -- Keawemauhili and Ululani Escape. 142 -- Body of Kiwala‘o Offered to Kuka‘ilimoku. 145 -- Moku‘ohai Reviewed. 149 -- Flight of Keawemauhili and Ululani. 153 -- Kapi‘olani Abandoned and Found. 156 -- War or Peace Negotiations with Keawemauhili. 159 -- Keawemauhili Chooses Peace and Makoa Returns from His Errand. 162 -- Pressures for War and Kanekapolei Intervenes. 165 -- A Reason for War. 168 -- Army of Twenty Thousand Moves Toward Battle. 171 -- Kamehameha’s Army Routed at Hilo. 174 -- Kamehameha Meets Keaweokahikona and Departs Hilo. 177 -- Battle of the Bitter Rain. 180 -- Wicked Doings at Hapu‘u. 182 -- Battle of Hapu‘u and Forces Recuperate. 185 -- Makoa Sent to Laupahoehoe. 188 -- Warriors of Waimea. 191 -- Kamehameha Fights the Armies of Hilo and Hamakua. 195 -- Battle of Laupahoehoe Two. 198 -- Kamehameha Meets Kahekili’s Warrior Kahahawai. 201 -- Kamehameha Seeks a Mohai at Puna. 205 -- Kamehameha Struck on Head by Paddle. 208 -- Kamehameha Released from Fissure. 210 -- Mamalahoa Law Explained. 213 -- Kalaninuimalokuloku Sent to Re-Conquer Hana. 216 -- Kalaninuimalokuloku Returns to Hawai‘i Defeated. 219. Ka‘ahumanu Meets and Marries Kamehameha. 223 -- Foreign Ships Arrive in the Islands. 226 -- Arrival of the Eleanora. 229 -- Olowalu Massacre. 232 -- Attack on the Fair American. 235 -- Kamehameha Prepares for War on Maui. 239 -- Kamehameha Lands at Hana and Asks after the Adze, ‘Olopu. 242 -- Victory at Pu‘ukoa‘e and the Battle of the Great Canoes. 245 -- Kamehameha Lands at Kahului. 249 -- Drink of the Bitter Waters of ‘Iao. 252 -- Battle at Wailuku and Kalanikupule Flees. 256 -- The Dammed Water of ‘Iao. 258 -- Kikane Delivers Message to Kahekili on O‘ahu. 261 -- The Prophecy of Kahuna Kapoukahi. 265 -- The Wicked Deeds of Keouaku‘ahu‘ula. 269 -- Kamehameha Returns to Hawai‘i. 272 -- Kamehameha Avenges Keouaku‘ahu‘ula. 275 -- Keoua’s Army Overcome by Volcanic Eruption. 278 -- Makoa Spies on the Retreating Army. 282 -- The Forces Regroup. 284 -- Battle of Koapapa‘a or Battle of the Empty Guns. 285 -- Skirmish between Ka‘iana and Keouaku‘ahu‘ula in Ka‘u. 287 -- Kahekili and Ka‘eokulani Form Alliance. 290 -- Sea-Going Forces of O‘ahu and Kaua‘i Journey to Hawai‘i. 292 -- Forces Cross the ‘Alenuihaha Channel and Desecrate Waipi‘o. 294 -- Kamehameha Readies Response to Raiding Armies. 297 -- Battle of the Red-Mouthed Cannon Commences. 299The Revered Heiau of Pu‘ukohola. 303 -- Words of Prophecy and Guidence from the Kahuna. 306 -- “Hikikau‘elia ka Malama:” A Prophetic Chant. 310 -- Decision to Meet Keoua and End His Opposition to Kamehameha. 315 -- Keaweaheulu and Kamanawa Chosen as Emissaries. 317 -- Keoua Accepts Invitation to Kawaihae. 320 -- Kapu of the Gods Declared Over Pu‘ukohola. 324 -- Keouaku‘ahu‘ula’s Journey to Kawaihae. 327 -- Death of Keouaku‘ahu‘ula. 330 -- Disposition of Keoua’s Body and Consecration of Pu‘ukohola. 333 -- Other Accounts of Keoua’s Death. 336 -- Keaweokahikona Accused of Rebellion and Defended. 339 -- Makahiki Circuit of Hawai‘i Planned. 341 -- The Makahiki Procession and Farming Encouraged. 344 -- Kamehameha Advises the People of Kona. 346 -- Kahekili Dies on O‘ahu. 349 -- Kalaeone Bears News of Death to Kamehameha. 351 -- Kamehameha Befriends Kalaeone. 353 -- Kamehameha Tells Kalaeone of Kahekili’s Promise. 356Vancouver’s Arrival. 359 -- Vancouver Advises Peace. 360 -- Vancouver Admires the Stature of the Ali‘i. 363 -- The Third Arrival of Vancouver. 365 -- The Ali‘i Dressed in British Uniforms. 367 -- Vancouver Entertained at Hilo Hanakahi. 369 -- Domestic Discord with Ka‘ahumanu. 372 -- Vancouver Listens to Ho‘olau Ali‘i, the Sacred Coconut Shell. 374 -- Ancient Anchors at Pohue, Ka‘u. 376 -- British Flag Flies Over Hilo. 378 -- Request for Reinforcements Begrudged. 381 -- Ka‘eokulani Rebuffed at Kalaupapa. 383 -- Ka‘eokulani Lands on O‘ahu. 385 -- Battle at Ponahawale, ‘Ewa. 388 -- Death of Ka‘eokulani. 390 -- Kalanikupule Kills Captain Brown and Crew. 393 -- Kalanikupule Sets Sail for Hawai‘i. 395 -- Kamehameha Prepares to Invade O‘ahu. 398 -- War Conference at Lahaina. 401 -- Ka‘iana Ostracized. 404 -- Ka‘iana Defects to O‘ahu. 406 -- Death of Ka‘iana in the Battle of Nu‘uanu. 409 -- Rout of Kalanikupule’s Forces. 411 -- Battle of Nu‘uanu Reviewed. 414 -- Death of Kalanikupule. 416 -- Kamehameha Restores Peace and Plenty on O‘ahu. 419 -- A Circuit of O‘ahu. 421 -- Kamehameha Deals with O‘ahu People and Foreigners. 424 -- A Message to Kaumuali‘i. 429 -- The Ali‘i Insist on War with Kaua‘i. 431 -- Kamakahelei’s Advice to Kaumuali‘i. 434 -- The Meeting in Mid-Channel. 438 -- Kaua‘i Conveyed to Kamehameha: Other Versions. 440 -- A Fatal Epidemic. 442 -- Isaac Davis Warns Kaumuali‘i. 445 -- Namakeha Rebels on Hawai‘i. 449 -- Kamehameha’s Life on O‘ahu. 453 -- Kamehameha’s Justice. 457 -- Kamehameha Meets Captain Barber. 459 -- Captain Barber’s Ship Goes Aground. 462 -- The Fragrant Wood of Hawai‘i Nei. 464 -- The First Hawaiian Flag. 466 -- The German Named Scheffer Arrives. 469 -- The Russian Fort and Captain Kotzebue. 472 -- Kotzebue Surveys Honolulu Harbor. 474Kamehameha Becomes Ill. 477 -- Another Kahuna Called to Treat Kamehameha. 479 -- The Ali‘i Ask Kamehameha for Bequests. 482 -- Death of Kamehameha. 483 -- Death of Kamehameha as Recounted by Pogue. 486 -- Kekuhaupi‘o is Killed. 489Pele Asks for Fish at Pa‘aiea. 491 -- Pele Sends Her Fire to Pa‘aiea. 493 -- Kamehameha Makes Offering to Pele. 495 -- Bones of Kamehameha Are Hidden. 498 -- Liholiho and Ka‘ahumanu. 500 --


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