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The Soma Tantra: A Cosmic Tragedy

By Eagle, Obsidian

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Reproduction Date: 1/1/2010

Title: The Soma Tantra: A Cosmic Tragedy  
Author: Eagle, Obsidian
Volume: Book I of The Lunacy Trilogy
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Hinduism, Hindu Myth, Epic Poem, Fantasy Fiction
Collections: Mythology, Astronomy, Science Fiction Collection, Ophthalmology, Authors Community, Recreation, Religion, Military Science, Literature, Naval Science, Most Popular Books in China, Law, Favorites in India, History, Science
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Publisher: Word On A Wing Press
Member Page: Obsidian Eagle


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Although heavily influenced by traditional Hindu scriptures, The Soma Tantra is a completely original retelling of an ancient story about a war against the moon. As a piece of literature it has few parallels since it sprawls across many genre boundaries including Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Mythology, Epic Poem and Spiritual Text. Yet despite an overtly serious tone, The Soma Tantra is also filled with a light-hearted campiness running throughout its pages.

When the moon god Soma Chandra defies his brethren by kidnapping their guru's new wife, the gears of war are set in motion. An age-old conflict between demonic Ashuras and godly Devatas is rekindled amid Antarloka's heavenly sphere. Meanwhile, Shiva and his consort Kali plot destruction, dispatching agents into the fray. Mortal races square off against immortals as the balance of power shifts and through it all, it is a single human girl who can trump either side... Steeped in Hindu Myth mixed with elements of Greek Tragedy, The Soma Tantra puts a fresh spin on fantasy while serving up a sumptuous dose of adventure!

A humongous metallic cylinder floated far above the site of the battle. It would have appeared as a bright star to those below except that their attention was drawn elsewhere. This state of distraction afforded Upaya Panther-Mask a bird’s-eye view of the ongoing havoc. He stood at the brink of a hatch on the vessel’s side, scanning that distant panorama through sensory augmentations ingrained in his helm. The fulmination that had dissipated a little earlier would have blinded him too were it not for said helm shading his eyes from any glare. “What do you see?” Priestess Kaitabh inquired next to him. “Berunni’s Danavas have found their way from the shadows and engaged the Devata’s infantry, which means that my Daityas shouldn’t be far behind.” “Excellent,” crooned the Raksha, “allocating our ground forces on the dark side of the moon was a superb idea wily prince.” “Not quite as superb as these vimanas. Your mages are exceptionally gifted to extract such artifice from the collective unconscious of Bhuloka. I always assumed that there was nothing left worth retrieving in the spatial-temporal sphere.” Kaitabh only grinned, wringing her hands as usual. They both directed a gaze at the nearby ships of their armada and beheld a bat-winged messenger flying toward them. They moved aside and the incoming Raksha knelt summarily at the feet of his superior. “Exalted matriarch,” he articulated amid halting breaths, “our brigades await your commandment.” She diverted her red eyes to Upaya, who gripped a railing and studied the surface intently again. “I do remember saying that I would spearhead this assault,” Upaya reasserted. “Even now I have Lord Indra in my sight.” The Daitya prince freed Garuda’s Feather from its sling. “No last-minute doubts?” She tested. “None, if this grants me the momentum you’re so sure of.” “Count on it as you count on that sharp rudder.” “Watch me then.” He dashed back inside the hull and took a running start for the egress. Out he went, plummeting like a meteorite. Priestess Kaitabh handed a magic flute to her herald who used it to spur on their paratroopers as they plunged after Upaya.

Table of Contents
I – Three Planes of Existence II – Mythic Overview: The Denizens of Antarloka III – Prologue: The Nectar of Immortality Act One – Soma Chandra’s Hubris [ 1 ] A Gathering of Gods [ 2 ] Mutual Grievances [ 3 ] Heaven’s Orphans [ 4 ] Besieged ­- Interstice - Act Two – To Hell and Back [ 5 ] Avenues of Deceit [ 6 ] Curious Occurrences [ 7 ] Rescued by Old Enemies [ 8 ] Predestined Warpaths ­- Interstice - Act Three – Tremendous Upheavals [ 9 ] Surya Sets [ 10 ] A Duel Between Renegades [ 11 ] Fall of the Devatas [ 12 ] Deus Ex Machina Appendix: Glossary of Sanskrit Terms


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