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Reality Redux : Unlocking Homo Communicans: unlocking Homo communicans

By Meuzelaar, Henk, L.C., Dr.

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Reproduction Date: 3/31/2016

Title: Reality Redux : Unlocking Homo Communicans: unlocking Homo communicans  
Author: Meuzelaar, Henk, L.C., Dr.
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Philosophy, Evolution of human consciousness and communication
Collections: Authors Community, Science
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Publisher: Happy Moose House
Member Page: Hendrik L Meuzelaar


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Henk L.C. Meuzelaa, B. D. (2016). Reality Redux : Unlocking Homo Communicans. Retrieved from

A few years ago I started editing my notes on experiential reality. Having to navigate the ever-shifting contours of reality made me forego free-flowing blog styles in favor of a tightly structured, synoptic format. Iterative winnowing and condensing (while allowing space-saving jargon or acronyms but no SMS lingo) gradually produced the version in front of you. For those who never laid eyes on single-page chapters before; behold a triad of four-page Synopses, plus Prelude and Postlude, for a grand total of fourteen poster-style pages... Reality Redux is too highly condensed to serve as an introductory textbook. Unpacking its contents requires a firm understanding of basic scientific principles and methods as well as willingness to fill in blanks on-the-go; e.g. via internet searches or science & technology fora. It does not serve up ready-to-eat 'reality tv' dinners but, rather, a choice of key ingredients and methods with which to compose, or merely spice up, one’s own favored cuisine. Bon Appetit!

40,000+ yrs ago Homo sapiens transcends into self-awareness. Tribal sharing of experiences and ideas via strings of symbolic glyphs, sounds and gestures creates virtual ‘agreement’ realities that confer huge evolutionary advantages but inevitably shroud experiential reality. Linear symbol string languages (LSSLs) still dominate communication today, even in logic, math and science. Unfortunately, LSSL's inability to preserve full information content of N-dimensional scenes and events has generated a minefield of paradoxes and dualities. Moreover LSSL's verbal and written symbol input/output rates are ~10,000x slower than maximum visual image input rates, thereby afflicting all of humanity with de facto ‘locked-in syndrome’. Millennia of double exponential data transmission rate increases fuel the broadband explosion of the last five decades, The looming ‘data tsunami’ is expected to become near-asymptotic within the next few decades. In order to ward off the one-two punch of (1) widespread situational dementia and (2) machine-AI takeover mankind urgently needs to develop n-dimensional language models capable of far higher communication rates than LSSLs can provide. Combining advanced brain scan technologies (i.e. EEG-, fMRI- or PET- based) with immersive, augmented reality displays and mulivariate data analysis strategies opens direct routes to ‘brain glyph’ languages capable of supporting a unified reality in which experiential observations and agreement reality models become essentially indistinguishable. Rosetta-stone-like translation of brain glyph patterns in subjects viewing identical scenes and events will enable self-aware sentients, including man, to learn visual brain-to-brain languages, thereby not only ‘unlocking Homo communicans’ but creating an internet of sentients (IoS). In contrast to the AI-dominated IoT, the IoS can be a communication super-highway with dynamic brain glyph signatures that protect against intrusion by nonsentient AI entities.

"Socrates’ haunting cave scenario, immortalized by Plato, exposes reality issues that still bewitch us today: duality, dimensionality, experiential vs agreement reality, free will and our quest for purpose"............ "Now, 2,500 yr later, billions of humans chained to reality TV are de facto agreement reality prisoners like the hapless souls in fig 30.".................. "Direct brain-to-brain (b2b) communication of experiential reality objects, scenes and events sounds perhaps farfetched but is a reasonable extrapolation from recent advances in nSPEC, GUI & MDA techniques (e.g. figures) that do not require quantum jumps in science & technology. Our smartphones already incorporate all elements of “universal translators”, viz. speech-to-text and text-to-speech conversion plus language translation." ................ "Mark Zuckerberg’s recent prediction that future Facebook users will communicate by telepathy [71] may have caused consternation. However, the b2b route outlined in figs. 31c and 32 essentially leads to that same endpoint."

Table of Contents
Prelude: Into the Blue Yonder (an experiential reality check) ~ Weighing Anchor ~ Experiential Reality ~ Tsunami Warning! ~ Philosophy Dead? ~ Synopsis I: Exponential Virtualization (the price of human self-awareness) I.1: Retrospective I.2: Man’s Midas Touch ~ virtualization by symbolic communication I.3: Data Transmission Tsunami ~ mankind faces functional dementia I.4: Freeze, Flee or Fight ~ innate responses to existential threats Synopsis II: Saving Experiential Reality (by preserving intrinsic dimensionality) II.1: Perspective II.2: Brain Activity Patterns ~ our (3+1)D link with experiential reality II.3: Multichannel Spectroscopy ~ n-dimensional detection & processing II.4: Multivariate Data Analysis ~ navigating & manipulating hyperspace Synopsis III: Redesigning Agreement Reality (using n-dimensional language) III.1: Prospective III.2: A Holographic Principle ~ information, energy & mass equivalence III.3: The ALIAS Hypothesis ~ am I already living inside a simulation? III.4: Jailbreaking Mankind ~ nascent brain-to-brain communication ~ Postlude: Quo Vadis H communicans? (exploring unified reality) ~ Transcending AI ~ Pan-Sentience ~ Planck Trek ~ Extra Dimensions


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