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The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple : Fourth Revised Edition (2019)

By Ishwar Sharan

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Reproduction Date: 6/20/2019

Title: The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple : Fourth Revised Edition (2019)  
Author: Ishwar Sharan
Language: English
Subject: Indian History, Christian Iconoclasm, Hinduphobia, Portuguese in India, Kapaleeswara Shiva Temple, San Thome Cathedral, Mylapore (Chennai), St. Thomas, Christian Mythology
Collections: History, Authors Community
Publication Date:
Publisher: Voice of India, 2/18 Ansari Road, New Delhi - 110002, India
Member Page: Ishwar Sharan


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Sharan, I. (2019). The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple. Retrieved from

This 2019 fourth revised edition of The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple is a complete study of the St. Thomas in India legend—its origin, history in India, and communal ramifications. The book is named after the main, 24-chapter essay by Ishwar Sharan and includes more than 18 authoritative, independent articles by senior journalists and research scholars. The book exposes in detail the vicious blood libel perpetrated by Christians against Hindus for centuries, that a Hindu king and his Brahmin priests murdered Apostle Thomas on a hilltop in south Madras, and the unconscionable support for this libel by India’s mainstream secular media. A chapter in the book documents the pronounced pro-Christian bias of the Encyclopaedia Britannica and popular on-line reference portal Wikipedia. Both encyclopedias carry fanciful, non-factual entries for St. Thomas the Apostle in India that they refuse to correct or change. And last but not least, the book documents the destruction of the original Kapaleeswara Shiva Temple by the Portuguese and its replacement by San Thome Cathedral on the Mylapore seashore in Chennai (Madras). The book has an extensive bibliography and is a valuable tool for researchers and historians. References and updates are available on the ACTA INDICA website at This book is available to the public under the Creative Commons License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

AN INTRODUCTION by KOENRAAD ELST According to Christian leaders in India, the apostle Thomas came to India in 52 AD, founded the Syrian Christian Church, and was killed by the fanatical Brahmins in 72 AD. Near the site of his martyrdom, the St. Thomas Church was built. In fact this apostle never came to India. The Christian community in South India was founded by a merchant called Knai Thoma or Thomas of Cana in 345 AD—a name which readily explains the Thomas legend. He led four hundred refugees who fled persecution in Persia and were given asylum by the Hindu authorities. In Catholic universities in Europe, the myth of the apostle Thomas going to India is no longer taught as history, but in India it is still considered useful. Even many vocal “secularists” who attack the Hindus for “relying on myth” in the Ayodhya affair, off-hand profess their belief in the Thomas myth. The important point is that Thomas can be upheld as a martyr and the Brahmins decried as fanatics. In reality, the missionaries were very disgruntled that the damned Hindus refused to give them martyrs (whose blood is welcomed as “the seed of the faith”), so they had to invent one. Moreover, the church which they claim commemorates St. Thomas’s martyrdom at the hands of Hindu fanaticism, is in fact a monument of Hindu martyrdom at the hands of Christian fanaticism. It is a forcible replacement of two important Hindu temples—Jain and Shaiva—whose existence was insupportable to the Christian missionaries. No one knows how many Hindu priests and worshipers were killed when the Christian soldiers came to remove the curse of Paganism from the Mylapore beach. Hinduism does not practice martyr-mongering, but if at all we have to speak of martyrs in this context, the title goes to these Jina- and Shiva-worshipers and not to the apostle Thomas. › Dr. Koenraad Elst is an author, historian, linguist and orientalist with a Ph.D. in Asian Studies from KU Leuven, Belgium.

Table of Contents
▫ Author’s Note ... 7 Part One ▫ Foreword - Koenraad Elst ... 13 ▫ Introduction - Ishwar Sharan ... 17 ▫ The Myth Of Saint Thomas And The Mylapore Shiva Temple - Ishwar Sharan ... 22 Part Two ▫ Archbishop Arulappa’s History Project Goes Terribly Wrong - K.P. Sunil ... 140 ▫ Archbishop Arulappa’s Document Forger Goes To Jail - Ganesh Iyer & K.P. Sunil ... 148 ▫ Indian Historian Makes A Mockery Of Indian History - Veda Prakash ... 155 ▫ The Pre-Thinking Debate - Sita Ram Goel & Khushwant Singh ... 159 Part Three ▫ Pope Doubts St. Thomas Evangelised South India - Ishwar Sharan ... 162 ▫ Bishop Doubts St. Thomas Evangelised South India - Times News Network ... 165 ▫ How Missionaries Invented ‘Dravidian Christianity’ - Rajiv Malhotra ... 167 ▫ Questioning The St. Thomas Origin Of Indian Christianity - C.I. Issac ... 171 ▫ Christian Author Misrepresents Tiruvalluvar As Disciple Of Thomas - R.S. Narayanaswami ... 176 ▫ Madras-Mylapore Archdiocese Plans Blockbuster Movie On St. Thomas - Ishwar Sharan ... 180 ▫ Tiruvalluvar ‘Baptised’ To Betray Hindus - B.R. Haran ... 188 ▫ Isn't The Madras Archbishop Obliged To Accept The Pope’s Stand On St. Thomas? - V. Sundaram ... 194 Part Four ▫ In Memory Of A Slain Saint - C.A. Simon ... 199 ▫ The Legend Of A Slain Saint To Stain Hinduism - Swami Tapasyananda ... 207 Part Five ▫ St. Thomas And Caste - Ishwar Sharan ... 217 ▫ St. Thomas And Anti-Brahminism - Koenraad Elst ... 225 ▫ Christian Churches Threaten Dalit Rights - Leela Tampi ... 233 ▫ How Casteless Muslims And Christians Obtain Benefits Meant For Caste Hindus - Vigil Report ... 243 Part Six ▫ Hideaway Communalism In The Indian Express - Ishwar Sharan ... 249 ▫ Hideaway Communalism In The Hindu - Ishwar Sharan ... 259 ▫ Madras Musings And Madras Muthiah - Ishwar Sharan ... 263 ▫ St. Thomas As A Tourist Product - Ishwar Sharan ... 266 ▫ Christians Threaten Kamakoti Magazine - Ishwar Sharan ... 269 Part Seven ▫ The Mount Of Thomas - S. Muthiah ... 272 ▫ Chennai’s Own Holocaust Deniers - Ishwar Sharan ... 275 ▫ San Thome Cathedral Cover-Up Uncovered - G.P. Srinivasan ... 280 ▫ The New Indian Express Makes A Tsunami - Ishwar Sharan ... 284 ▫ Did A Hindu King Kill St. Thomas? - Ishwar Sharan ... 288 ▫ The Deccan Chronicle Deceits - Ishwar Sharan ... 293 ▫ The Secrets Of The Twelve Disciples Revealed - Ishwar Sharan ... 308 ▫ A Feast For St. Thomas - Ishwar Sharan ... 313 Part Eight ▫ The Dalrymple Massage Of The St. Thomas Myth - Koenraad Elst ... 321 ▫ The Confabulated Leftist Murder Of St. Thomas - Koenraad Elst ... 323 Part Nine ▫ Searching For Muziris At Pattanam - A. Srivathsan ... 328 ▫ Nagaswamy Nails False Propaganda On St. Thomas And Pattanam - Express Buzz ... 333 ▫ Digging For The Bones Of St. Thomas - B.S. Harishankar ... 334 ▫ ASI Doubting Thomases Suspend Dubious KCHR St. Thomas Dig - G. Ananthakrishnan ... 339 ▫ Marxists And Christians Continue The Search For St. Thomas - Sandhya Jain ... 342 Part Ten ▫ Why Indians Should Reject St. Thomas And Christianity - Koenraad Elst ... 347 Bibliography ▫ Bibliography & Websites … 366


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