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Rivers Between Worlds : Volume Roads Between Worlds 3

By Johnson, Kevin, Wade

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Title: Rivers Between Worlds : Volume Roads Between Worlds 3  
Author: Johnson, Kevin, Wade
Volume: Volume Roads Between Worlds 3
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature
Collections: Science Fiction, Authors Community
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Publisher: Self-Published
Member Page: Kevin Johnson


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Justin Willehelm works for a security company, getting along in an ordinary life, until suddenly changing course. His boss blames him for a failed assignment, simmering tensions erupt in his wife leaving, and he's left standing and staring at the Passage River. Running water has always fascinated him, and there's something about this particular river… Justin ends up in the river, and then literally out of the world he worked in. He meets extraordinary people like Una and Kherida and goes to extraordinary places—"Kang as watchang out for you"—the Gate of Winds—on his extraordinary journey, but perhaps most extraordinary is his personal journey, as he becomes someone very different from the man he was. A spooky story of parallel worlds and imaginative invention, this is the third novel in the Roads Between Worlds series, but it stands alone, with no need to read the previous books first.

A tale of parallel worlds, but unusual in that sub-genre, because one of the worlds is a river formed of waters from infinite worlds itself. A world where all is flux and everything changes. How will that change Justin Willehelm, a security consultant from a much more normal setting?

Some of the best bits: @2019 Kevin Wade Johnson Call me vile. Call me a villain. But I wasn't willing to be a victim. * * * I scuffed at the ground, kicking a dead leaf into the river. It swirled away, caught in the current. I wondered where it was going. I sighed. What I needed to do was stop wondering, and decide where I was going. "You're on your own, leaf," I murmured, but thinking more of myself. * * * I had to look out for her the way she had for me. One-way loyalty means exploitation. * * * Fists clenched, I was seething when we walked off. All the shots in my pistol wouldn't fight off more than half a barracks' worth of invaders on this base. I was powerless to stop this…base treatment. I followed her across the seemingly endless planks, into the seemingly endless rain, chill drops running down roofs and buildings like seemingly endless tears. Or maybe the most vital fluid, of some cold-blooded, cold-hearted creature. * * * We kept walking, coming after about twenty minutes to a fence. Black wrought-iron, ten feet high, with sharp points at the top, I thought, in the uncertain lantern light. Patches of rust showed where upkeep was down. * * * Ice in the air around me, on the artificial stone and asphalt around and under me, slowly forming on me. Around me. On me. In me. Ice freezing all around. Droplets of water, water mist, energy ebbing away. Droplets touching cold concrete curbs, icy asphalt, warmth lost and gone. Particles of mist, molecules of water, no longer floating or flowing, freezing in place, locked in, rigid, never to move until heat one day returned. If it returned. * * * Warmth is so easy to take for granted, until you don't have any. * * * Hints of red and rose washed the darkness in the east, brightening the overcast sky into reddish gold. Silhouetted against that sky in the distance stood a giant, four-legged creature, something like a horned mastodon crossed with a camel, only bigger. And something was riding it, brandishing a rifle or spear or something. Then snow began sifting down, and I could see the creature, or creatures, no longer. * * * [They] would try to stand up to it, or simply stand, but those who could shoot couldn't hit. Aimless firepower is futility. * * * "Desperate times call for desperate measures," I said. "What should I desperately measure?" * * * We heard what we wished to, and suffered all that comes of thinking wishfully and listening selectively. * * * The River was what the River was. Demanding, filled with power, heedless of consequences; dangerous and destructive, magical and mysterious, an avenue for adventure and evil both. * * * Water, I thought. The whole business of always running downhill, of always taking the easy path, had gotten too much press, had established the wrong reputation for water. Water erodes, that's what it does. Water uproots trees, washes away shorelines, carves canyons. Can't expect justice from a river. Not even the River. All you can expect from a river is a torrent. One to wash over you. Wash you away. Water always wins.

Table of Contents
Chapter One: Let Me Go Chapter Two: A Forfeit Chapter Three: Fought for Life Chapter Four: O Obstinate River Chapter Five: An Unseen Impact Chapter Six: Like a Shark Chapter Seven: Cold as the River Chapter Eight: Watchang Out For You Chapter Nine: Impure Chapter Ten: They Moved Chapter Eleven: Following Through Falling Snow Chapter Twelve: Eye-Confusing Tangle Chapter Thirteen: Set the Boat on Fire Chapter Fourteen: Whispering Chapter Fifteen: White on Ivory Chapter Sixteen: Me a Few Feet from Me Chapter Seventeen: Where Does Infinity End Chapter Eighteen: Power over Others Chapter Nineteen: Freedom and Justice Chapter Twenty: Storm of a Thousand Worlds Chapter Twenty-One: Looming among the Stones Chapter Twenty-Two: Water Witch About the Author


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