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Book Of Wisdom

By (ASPS), Advanced Society of Paranormal Studies

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Book Id: WPLBN0100750263
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Reproduction Date: 6/16/2024

Title: Book Of Wisdom  
Author: (ASPS), Advanced Society of Paranormal Studies
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Philosophy, Paranormal Phenomena, Intelligence, Reincarnation, Knowledge, Spirituality, Meta-physics
Collections: Authors Community, Philosophy
Publication Date:
Publisher: Advanced Society of Paranormal Studies (ASPS)
Member Page: Advanced Society of Paranormal Studies (ASPS)


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This book is a collection of writings about deep matters related to subjects of intelligence, knowledge, science, materialism, ancient wisdom, ancient texts, paranormal phenomena, mind, yoga, life, death, natural phenomena, nature, consciousness, reincarnation, spirituality, supernatural powers, physics, meta-physics, the universe, religion, and philosophy. This book is suitable for young people around the ages of 13 to 30 and for those who are interested in learning about deep matters in the universe. This book is a profound, deep, and intricate book that contains information related to complex matters in the universe. This book is for people who like to explore mysterious truths about the universe. A book for thinkers. For those who want to know the unknown. And the book is free to download on the internet. 

This book is a collection of writings about deep matters related to subjects of intelligence, knowledge, science, materialism, ancient wisdom, ancient texts, paranormal phenomena, mind, yoga, life, death, natural phenomena, nature, consciousness, reincarnation, spirituality, supernatural powers, physics, meta-physics, the universe, religion, and philosophy.

"One of the most common features of NDEs is a sense of leaving the body and floating above it, often accompanied by a feeling of peace, serenity, and detachment. Some people also report seeing a bright light or a tunnel, and encountering deceased loved ones, spiritual beings, or other entities. Many NDEs also involve a review of one's life, where the person is able to see and understand the consequences of their actions and decisions, and to experience a sense of compassion, forgiveness, and love. NDEs can have a profound and lasting impact on a person's life, and they often lead to a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and spirituality. Many people who have had NDEs report a heightened sense of awareness and intuition, and a greater appreciation for the beauty and wonder of the world around them. They may also experience a shift in their values and priorities, and a greater desire to help others and to make a positive difference in the world. Despite the widespread reports of NDEs, there is still much debate and uncertainty about their nature and causes. Some researchers and skeptics argue that NDEs are simply a byproduct of the brain's response to trauma, stress, or lack of oxygen, and that they have no real spiritual or mystical significance. Others, however, argue that NDEs are evidence of a deeper and more profound reality that is beyond the physical and materialistic world, and that they offer a glimpse into the nature of consciousness, the afterlife, and the ultimate purpose of human existence. Regardless of one's beliefs or opinions about NDEs, it is clear that they are a fascinating and complex phenomenon that deserves further study and exploration. By deepening our understanding of NDEs and their effects, we may be able to gain new insights into the nature of consciousness, the mind-body connection, and the mysteries of the universe. We may also be able to help those who have had NDEs to integrate their experiences into their lives, and to find a sense of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in the process. However, according to the ancient scriptures, the Near Death Experience is as follows: There happens the real death of that person, and they become a spontaneous invisible being for a short time. Then, after a while, due to the strong desire for the previous human life and belongings and powerful karma yet available for a human life, they die again from the spontaneous invisible spirit life, and their consciousness re-enters the human body. The ancient scriptures mention that when most of the spontaneous beings, such as spirits, die, their body vanishes instantly with a remainder."

Table of Contents
Catalog Foreword. 9 The Profound Thoughts of a Great Man. 10 Brain-Dead but Alive? Case of the Beating-Heart Cadaver. 12 What is a Near Death Experience? 14 Rise of Ghost & Paranormal Investigators in the United States. 16 The Universe: Knowns & Unknowns. 18 Shiva & Sumitra past life case. 19 1. Shiva Tripathi: 44 2. Sumitra Singh's Transformation: 44 3. Intermission Period: 44 4. Verified Statements and Recognitions: 45 5. Possession, Reincarnation, or Both?: 45 Choosing Our Social Circles Wisely: The First Lesson. 54 1. Influence and Environment: 54 2. Intellectual Stagnation: 55 3. Emotional Well-being: 55 4. Values and Morality: 55 5. Productivity and Success: 55 6. Self-Reflection and Growth: 55 7. Energy Drain: 55 8. Risk of Misguidance: 56 9. Quality of Relationships: 56 10. Cultivating a Positive Environment: 56 Unanswered Questions and Challenges of the Big Bang Theory. 58 1. The Singularity Problem: 58 2. The Horizon Problem: 59 3. The Flatness Problem: 59 4. Dark Matter and Dark Energy: 59 5. Before the Big Bang: 60 Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. 60 The Limits of Folly. 63 The Natural Law of Cause and Effect. 66 Spiritual Truth Seeker. 73 Dark Matter: The Mysterious Invisible Component of the Universe. 74 Supernatural Powers in Buddhism. 76 A Scientific Examination of the Non-Existence of an Almighty God. 79 Vedas and Upanishads. 82 Isidasi Nun and Her Divine Eye. 84 Understanding Nature and the Universe. 88 A donkey speaks. 90 Intelligence Behind Understanding the Unseen. 93 Complexity of Intelligence. 95 The Supernatural Powers of Rishis. 97 Life's Greatest Questions. 99 Devaduta Sutra: The divine Messengers. 101 Rediscovering the Wisdom of the Ancients. 111 A Visible Sign of Spiritual Progress. 113 The Art of Forgetting the Outside World. 115 Differences Between Fools and Wise Men. 117 Patanjali Yoga sutra. 118 Zoroastrian Religion of Persia. 135 The Equality of Nature. 137 Understanding the Patterns in Life. 139 Samsara or Reincarnation Circle. 141 Why bad luck in my life? 143 Importance of Brahmacharya. 144 Power of Positive Thinking. 146 Who is Siva? 148 Animals with Ultraviolet and Infrared Vision. 149 Foolish Materialistic Person. 152 Pioneers in the Field of Past-Life Memories. 156 Nirvana Mentioned In Buddhism. 158 Importance of Exploring Various Religions and Philosophies. 160 Spirituality in Mental Health. 162 Limits of Logic. 164 Depression & Meditation. 167 Known and the Unknown. 169 Art of Concentration. 170 Blissful States of Concentration. 172 The Supernatural Powers of Buddha. 174 Karma, Causality, and Universal Interconnectedness. 178 Solitude and Silence in Meditation Practice. 180 Things Science Cannot Explain. 182 Are We Alone in the Universe? 183 The Sons of Gods. 185 Understanding Endless Reincarnation Cycle. 187 Sankhya Philosophers of Ancient India. 189 Parabrahman in Hinduism. 191 Paramatman or Atman in Hinduism. 193 Formless Trances in Buddhism. 194 The Divine Eye and Yogic Intelligence. 196 Meditation to Unveil Past Lives. 198 Ancient Religions and Meditation. 200 1. Hinduism: 200 2. Buddhism: 200 3. Taoism: 201 Ancient Practices. 202 Ancient Wisdom. 205 Understanding Spirituality, Karma, Meditation, and Liberation. 207 An Exploration of Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga, and Spirituality. 209 An Exploration of Siddhas, Vidyadharas, and Siddhis. 211 Destructions of Kali Yuga. 217 How to Recognize Karma in Work? 219 Exploring Methods for Learning Meditations. 222 Heavenly Mansions of Gods in Religious Texts. 224 The Intersection of Science and Nature. 225 Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives in Western Cultures. 227 Sons of Dharma. 229 Jealousy in the Natural World and Society. 231 Waraha Upanishad: Ancient Indian Wisdom. 233 Karma & Biblical Concept of Sowing & Reaping. 235 Reincarnation and the Bible. 236 Miraculous Feat of Jesus Christ. 238 Buddha's Practical Advice on Belief and Discernment. 239 Importance of Wholehearted Meditation Practice. 244 Children Who Remember Past Lives. 246 The importance of satisfaction and having no desire. 254 What is Stoicism? 256 What is the Ultimate Truth? 257 Realm of Spirituality: A Journey Beyond the Physical. 261 Researchers in the United States Uncover Evidence of Past Lives. 262 Power of Imagination: Unseen and Invisible. 265 Intersection of Science and Philosophy. 267 Limitations of Modern Science. 268 Importance of Wisdom in Modern Society. 270 Understanding the Mind & its Connection to the After-Death World. 272 Exploring Life, Death, and Existence Through Film. 275 The Big Bang Theory: Notable Errors. 277 1. The Cosmological Constant Problem: 278 2. The Axis of Evil: 278 3. The Quadrupole Moment Problem: 278 4. The Fermion Mass Problem: 278 Understanding the Connection Between Causes & Effects in the Natural World. 279 What Recurring Patterns Reveal About the Workings of the Universe. 282 A Deep Dive into the Natural Laws of Cause & Effect. 284 The Quest for Alien Life. 286 Exploring the Boundaries of Our Understanding. 288 Seeing the Unseen: The Limits of Human Perception. 292 Importance of Respecting Spirituality. 296 Multifaceted Importance of Truth. 298 Importance of Experimentation and Truth. 300 Importance of Free Thinking. 302 Limits of Critical Thinking in Understanding the Universe. 305 Value of Old Wisdom in a New World. 307 Shvetashvatara Upanishad: Exploration of Hindu Philosophy. 310 Exploration of the Mundaka Upanishad. 312 1. Higher Knowledge and Lower Knowledge: 312 2. The Nature of Brahman: 312 3. The Process of Creation: 313 4. The Path to Realization: 313 5. The Atman (Self): 313 What is the meaning of life? 315 Goal in Religions & Philosophies. 317 1. Hinduism: Moksha: 317 2. Buddhism: Nirvana: 317 3. Jainism: Kevala Jnana and Moksha: 318 4. Sikhism: Mukhti: 319 5. Taoism: Harmony with the Tao: 319 6. Christianity: Eternal Life and Salvation: 319 7. Islam: Jannah: 320 8. Other Philosophies: Various Approaches: 320 Comparing Religions and Philosophies to Nature. 321 Vimanas: Divine Mansions in Buddhism and Hinduism. 324 Interconnectedness of Rest, Intelligence, Concentration, & Peace of Mind. 326 Power of Masculine Natures. 328 Ayurveda: The Ancient Science of Life and Longevity. 331 Beyond the Big Bang Theory. 332 1. The Baryon Asymmetry Problem: 333 2. The Magnetic Monopole Problem: 333 3. Dark Matter and Dark Energy Distribution: 333 4. The Lithium Problem: 333 Imperfections of Science. 334 Vast and Diverse Animal Kingdom. 336 Buddha's 73 intelligences. 338 73 intelligences of the omniscient Buddha: 338 Exploring Reincarnation in Cinema: Top 15 Movies. 350 Best Free Meditation Books Available for Instant Download. 354


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