Nicholas tse discography

This is the discography of Cantopop artist Nicholas Tse. Tse has released over 30 CDs in his career since 1997, and some of his albums have a trend of releasing second editions, including the Me, and Release (釋放) album.


  • 1997 無聲仿有聲
  • 1998 末世紀的呼聲

Cantonese albums

  • 1997 My Attitude (Rank 3rd in IFPI most selling CD)
  • 1998 Horizons
  • 1999 Believe
  • 2000 零距離
  • 2000 活著VIVA
  • 2001 謝霆鋒創作紀念大碟Senses
  • 2001 Jade Butterfly (玉蝴蝶)
  • 2002 ME
  • 2003 Reborn
  • 2005 One Inch Closer

Mandarin albums

  • 1999 謝謝你的愛1999
  • 2000 了解
  • 2001 世紀預言
  • 2004 Listen Up
  • 2005 Release (釋放)
  • 2009 Last of Nicholas Tse (最后)


  • 1999 Most Wanted
  • 2000 20 Twenty - Best Selection by Nicholas Tse
  • 2002 無形的他Invisible
  • 2003 Most Wanted霆鋒精選 (DSD)
  • 2005 Yellow (黃)
  • 2006 Forget Me Not (毋忘我)

Live albums

  • 1999 紅人館903狂人熱份子音樂會
  • 2000 Viva Live謝霆鋒演唱會
  • 2002 新城主力唱好霆鋒弦燒音樂Live
  • 2002 唱好霆鋒弦燒音樂會
  • 2004 Reborn Live - Beijing Concert (Reborn Live演唱會 北京站)
  • 2005 Nicholas Tse x Tat Ming Pair Fantasy Concert (謝霆鋒 x 達明一派 新城同場異夢音樂會)


  • 2001 音樂世界 (MiniDisc)
  • 2004 英皇鋼琴熱戀系列


  • 2005 - "黃" (Mandarin Pinyin: Huáng; Jyutping: Wong; literally "Yellow") - CD single released: 25 August and digital download from 23 August.
  • 因為愛所以愛 Because of Love, I love
  • 非走不可 (Have to Leave)
  • 遊樂場" (Playground)
  • 無聲仿有聲" (Sound in forms of mute)

狼 Wolf 塞车Traffic Jam

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