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Dear Lover : A Book of Poetry, the Notebook Collection of Love

By: by Lori Jenessa Nelson

Dear Lover—a poetry collection about hope and heartbreak, about love in its short, long, and temporary forms, about how love can be cloaked in abuse, how love can build us or break us, the hard and soft of it, the good, the bad, and the completely atrocious. The collection is a poetic story of different relationships which are organized into the stages of a relationship; that initial attraction, the circling dance around each other, the honey-moon stage, the souring, ...

Dear Lover, If you are empty I am open a lock is nothing without a key to close it, a saucer needs tea like sugar needs a spoon a model does not both pose and paint think of dissolving sugar, sweetened teas Matcha whisks and sheltering saucers ceramic teapots and crochet coasters a heat that creeps from tea to saucer a warmth spread by a sweetening spoon what is a journey without someone who wanders if sometimes a pair is made of two

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