Mark is a British born author, and article writer, who has lived in the South-East Asian region, for a number of years.

A few years ago, Mark decided to put pen and paper together, and document some of his own observations into short stories, which became his first novel, the "City of Dreams."

Primarily Mark is a short story writer, who loves to explore the unknown, and delve into the mysteries of our World. His own travel experiences in the unique region of South East Asia, have helped to expand this personal journey into words.

Mark hopes you enjoy his writing, and feel free to visit his authors page at:
General Information:

If you are interested in viewing any of Mark's publications:

Discover the "City of Dreams,"- available in both a printed, and kindle version.

Find the up-dated version of "Surviving the Economic Crisis,"-

isit Mark's Authors website at:
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Ielts Speaking Topics : Ielts Task Two Speaking Topic Questions fo...

By: by Mark W. Medley Mba

"IELTS Speaking Topics" provides both educators and students with a collection of photocopiable speaking two topics. Each question is designed to be used to supplement current materials related to the IELTS academic and general modules of the test. Educators can provide their students with up-to date, and authentic examples of speaking two questions, whilst their students could use each example for stimulated practice outside their classroom. All the questions ar...

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City of Dreams- an Extraordinary Journey, Inside the Heart of Indo...

By: by Mark W. Medley

The city of Jakarta is described as the "City of Dreams," by visitors usually overwhelmed by its sheer size, and the unique lifestyles of the people who live there. Discover a collection of true to life stories from the "City of Dreams," that can amaze, amuse, or simply confuse you. Find out what really can happen when East meets West in a downtown club, and explore the crumbling old city that was once- Batavia. Meet Chicken Harry an expatriate in love with the c...

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Surviving the Economic Crisis : Current and Future Trends

By: by Mark W. Medley

The primary objective of writing this initial volume “Surviving an Economic Crisis” was to input new ideas about the reasons behind the current economic crisis, and look into the future past the question-Why this crisis happened? Focusing on a sustainable green-tech, and a people focused economy- something that has yet to materialize I have published a recently updated copy of this book at:, and I hope you enjoyed the book.

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