Robert Schwab is a professor with Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) and has been affiliated with the Graduate School of TESOL since 2006.  Prior to joining the faculty at BUFS, he was associated with Hanyang University in Soul and several major American universities.  Robert Schwab currently lives in Busan, South Korea, with his wife and two children, and has lived and worked in Korea since 2001.

Dr. Schwab’s main areas of expertise are in second language acquisition, functional and mental grammars of English, practical application of classroom methodology in the EFL setting, and advanced teacher training.  He has authored numerous publications including trade articles, research articles, journal submissions, policy papers, and books including primary ESL resources, textbooks and novels.  His 2012 textbook ‘Explorations in Functional and Mental Grammar’(ISBN 978-89-8312-339-8  93740) is now in its third printing and has received major awards including the Noble Seal (2011), the Excellence in Academic Books Award (2011), and the Key Academic Resource award from Association of Korean University Presses (2012).  

General Information:
Dr. Robert Schwab
Professor, Graduate School of TESOL      
    Director, Teacher Training Institute
                 International Extension & Development
                 In-Service Teacher Training Program (TTP) 
Busan University of Foreign Studies
15 Seokpo-ro, Nam-gu, Busan, Korea, 608738
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The Incredible Adventures of TweedleDrop : A Morally Focused Child...

By: by Robert Gustav Schwab, Dr.;

Originally developed as a primary ESL Resource developed for Hispanic immigrant children in Southern California with descriptive and engaging dialogue. Easily adapted to structured learning tasks and for developing interactive discussion.

That night, the moon was full and the skies were free of clouds. I had forgotten how beautiful the sky could be at night with a million pinpoints of light, each one a separate star. It was also nice to be in contact with air again. In an ice form, I was limited to how much air I could grab on to, and we droplets need oxygen to be truly healthy. “You look happy, Tweedy,” Alice said. “You bet I am,” I replied. “I’m looking forward to being on the move and seeing ...

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Spruce Cliff: An Autobiographical Novel : 1962-1963, Volume Book 1...

By: by Robert Gustav Schwab, Dr.;

When I was about 10 years old, my father gave me a present. It was a simple present – a journal with 200 blank lined pages bound in a fake leather cover that measured 6½ by 10 inches. His instructions were simple. One page a day. Every day. At first, it seemed an impossible task, and I resisted it. But in time, I accepted it and even came to like it. And in the end, the resulting collection of journals chronicled a lifetime. From those simple words and sentence...

‘The Cliff’ was a magical place. Ancient trails wandered through huge pines with trunks four feet across. At one point, a vertical cliff with a 150 foot sheer drop had in past antiquity served as an ancient Indian jumping pound. The buffalo, driven over the edge in carefully planned hunts at this spot had fed an Indian nation for countless generations. At the bottom, the bones of thousands of buffalo from centuries of these hunts mixed with the sandy prairie soil. ...

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