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Tomorrow it Rains : All the Dying Flowers

By: Dylan Rush

In an apocalyptic Nebraska, where it hasn't rained in years, water has become a valuable commodity. At a time when no one can be trusted, 16-year-old Rabbit, is about to find out, just how far the government will go, to reserve resources for those they deem worthy- and for those they do not. Its up to Rabbit, and her father, to find a way to survive, in a chaotic world filled with thirst.

It’s been four years since the last rainfall graced mother earth with its presence. Crops have withered away, wildlife has diminished, and the world has gone crazy with thirst. I have been scavenging for water wherever I could find it- abandoned homes, and from the rubble of burned out buildings mostly, but it’s never enough. My lips are constantly chapped, and my skin is as dry as a lizard. I try to drink just enough to survive, because I never know when my next score o...

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