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On Trust, Family Life, Ovecoming Anxiety, and Learning to Love You...

By: by Edward Nicholas Martinez

Things I don't trust, my religious beliefs, and my coping mechanisms. Get a glimpse into the mind of an paranoid autistic Neitzsche-devotee.

Recently to the date of this writing, I spent three nights awake. I was convinced that I would die soon but, though my body was afraid, I was excited. My heart pounded as every noise seemed to herald my end. Every cough was a plague and every scratch an infection. But I laughed and praised life. Praised my life that had brought this delightful, if irrational, terror to my life. A life that every fiber of my being told me would soon end.

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The Red Leaf of Freedom : A new folk lore, for a new age

By: by Edward Nicholas Martinez

This book is a work of mythopoea meant not only to entertain, but to provoke thought on some very important questions. Questions like: By what measurement do we esteem a persons worth? Is beauty just an issue of appearance or is attitude just as important? And, would you save someone's life, even if they've badly mistreated you;or, more importantly, should you save them?

"One of our daughters must be sent, so let us send the one who is least likely to marry. For surely she will do naught of more worth than to succeed or die on this journey through the ancestor mound."- Bel's mother, Decisions.

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