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The Legendary Graduate : Poetry From The Heart

By: Joseph Daniel Smith

"The Legendary Graduate" is the most addictive book of poetry in the world, written by accomplished autistic poet and author, Joseph D. Smith! The book was written in honor of his own private graduation ceremony, held in his honor by the county Judge and the county Sheriff! The book features over 40 of his own original poems, each with their own story, and each are a rare look inside the mind of an autistic individual.

The Legendary Graduation: You are probably wondering why my graduation was legendary. Well, I will explain; when I was little a nurse told my dad that I wouldn't ever make it through school, she said it would be a living nightmare. It was a living nightmare, but I proved that nurse wrong when I actually did graduate! I didn't want to graduate at the school, so my friend, the Hon. Philip Patton held a graduation ceremony for me, and he had a medal made for me, whic...

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