Saatyaki  S/o Seshendra Sharma

56 Years


M.A (Political Science) J.N.U: New Delhi: India


Publisher & Coordinator

Living: Hyderabad: Telangana State: India ,     07702964402 , 09441070985


“Kaasyashcha parameswasaha sikhandeecha mahaarathaha

Drishtadyumno viraatascha Saatyakischaaparaajithaha”

-Bhagavat Gita-Chapter-1/17 sloka 

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Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma

32, JanathaFlats ,

KanthiSikhara Complex

Panjagutta( Somajiguda Post )

Hyderabad : India : 500082 : , +91 9441070985 , 7702964402

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Shodasi : Secrets of The Ramayana : Kundalini Yoga & Gayathri Mant...

By: Seshendra Sharma; Saatyaki S/o Seshendra Sharma

SHODASI : SECRETS OF THE RAMAYANA ENGLISH HINDI AND TELUGU ORIGINAL AUTHOR : SESHENDRA SHARMA Seshendra : Visionary Poet of the Millennium REVIEWS : Books : Ramayana, a replica of Vedas S. VARADARAJAN There are several versions of the Sri Ramayana, one of the two greatest epics. Following Sri Valmiki Ramay...

Rishi embedded the Dhyana Shloka too

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Seshendra Sharma's English Books : Visionary Poet of The Millenniu...

By: Shri Seshendra Sharma

- Seshendra Sharma B.A: Andhra Christian College: Guntur: A.P: India B.L : Madras University: Madras Deputy Municipal Commissioner (37 Years) Dept of Municipal Administration, Government of Andhra Pradesh Parents: G.Subrahmanyam (Father) ,Ammayamma (Mother) Siblings: Anasuya,Devasena (Sisters),Rajasekharam(Younger brother) Wife: Mrs.Janaki Sharma Children: Vasundhara , Revathi (Daughters), Vanamaali ,Saatyaki (Sons) Seshendra Sharma better known as Seshen...

Rivers and poets Are veins and arteries Of a country. Rivers flow like poems For animals, for birds And for human beings- The dreams that rivers dream Bear fruit in the fields The dreams that poets dream Bear fruit in the people- * * * * * * The sunshine of my thought fell on the word And its long shadow fell upon the century Sun was playing with the early morning flowers Time was frightened at the sight of the martyr-

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Shodasi : Secrets of the Ramayana

By: Seshendra Sharma

* * * Valmiki Ramayana – Greatest Medicine for Mankind The story of Ramayana is prescribed as textbook for students. Sita and Rama are worshiped as prime couple. No need to mention about reciting it. Whether Valmiki was satisfied with simple narration of the story? Seshendra Sharma denies it. He analyzed it mentioning that to understand the inner meanings of Valmiki Ramayana, the scientific knowledge is essential. The underlying secret of the sage’s mind will...

Sri Sundara Kanda is nothing but Kundalini yoga Many great secrets that are most venerable are given in Srimad Ramayana. Therefore, it became a sacred text which is daily read as a ritual. It would not have been elevated to such level if it were only a narration of a story. We do not read Manu Charitra* daily as a ritual. We do not consider that book as a means of achieving salvation. That is the difference between these two books. The great secrets in Ramayana a...

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