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Steve Wheelock is the author of Star-crossed to Star Dust, Copyright © 2014 Steven Allan Wheelock (ISBN: 9781311356291). The author (yours truly) was inspired to write his "Star-crossed to Star Dust" space opera novel after reading stories and novels written by the late, great Edmond Hamilton (1904--1977).

Steve Wheelock likes Oldies music, has "pins" at ... and hopes that you'll consider taking a quick look at his latest endeavor, entitled Musical Mnemonics, which is a free PDF download that musicians may possibly enjoy.

General Information:

The author likes 1950s Rock and Roll.  From Bip Bop Boom, by Mickey Hawks to Please Remember My Heart, by the Solitaires.  Even older music--such as White Heat (1934 & 1939 versions), by Jimmie Lunceford--may be of interest to those who are curious.  The possibilities are endless.

Once upon a time I played piano at the beginner level.  I haven't played for years and can no longer play the piano at even the beginner level.  I used to mentally cross-connect between the bass clef and the treble clef.  Anyway, I'd like to share the following idea:

1. Associate the notes above Middle C (treble clef)  with female names.

2. Associate the notes below Middle C (bass clef) with male names.

The C-note one octave below middle C (bass clef), for example, could be assocated with Charlie Chaplin, Charlton Heston, Sid Caesar, or any other famous actor you can think of whose first or last name begins with the letter C.

The first G-note above middle C (treble clef), for another example, could be associated with Grace Kelly, Ginger Rogers, Judy Garland, or any other famous actress you might think of whose first or last name begins with the letter G.

Middle C could remind you of either a female or a male name.  Males sing bass (bass clef) and females sing treble (treble clef), if this mnemonic helps.

I don't know if the above mnemonic idea would actually work.  If it's a good mnemonic, then it has probably been used a million times before. The abovementioned mnemonic idea represents an attempt to prevent your memory of the bass clef from interfering with your memory of the treble clef, and vise versa.

I've written a short work called Musical Mnemonics, which explains the abovementioned idea in greater detail.  Musical Mnemonics should be available as a free download (at soon, and may possibly be available by the time you read this.  Musical Mnemonics is intended as entertainment.



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Musical Mnemonics

By: Steven Allan Wheelock

Mnemonics for music. Intended as entertainment.

If your memory of the bass clef conflicts with your memory of the treble clef (and vise versa), then perhaps associating the notes above Middle C (treble clef) with famous women, while associating the notes below Middle C (bass clef) with famous men, would possibly help to reduce this problem for you??

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Subspectrum Counterfeiters

By: Steven Allan Wheelock

Subspectrum Counterfeiters alludes to grave concerns for the future of the United States of America, and perhaps the world. Here's to liberty on this lonely orb amid the stars.

I dedicate my novelette, such as it is, to a Passenger Pigeon named Martha.

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