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Christmas Magic for Children

By: by Cindy Wright;

Want to spread a little Christmas magic and joy with your children this Christmas, then this is the book for you. Written so that children will understand and enjoy from a very small age, even if read to. It introduces the history of certain Christmas traditions as well as old and popular songs. Included are short stories that will make it fun for the children and bring the magic alive. Not forgetting the pictures that the children can look at if being read to. Whe...

'We know the big jolly elf who wears a red suit, black boots and has a snowy white beard as Santa Claus. He sets off from the North Pole every Christmas Eve, where he lives with the elves and Mrs Claus, in his sleigh pulled by his team of faithful reindeer and lands softly on the roofs of houses and then magically jumps down the chimneys (or climbs through the window) to leave presents for good little girls and boys.'

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