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Aaron Hoopes is the founder of ZEN YOGA. He has studied the martial arts, Eastern philosophy, and alternative medicine in the United States, Australia, and Japan for the past twenty-seven years. He has a degree in Asian History and Japanese Culture from Tulane University and has spent a number of years in Japan studying under the chief instructor at the headquarters of the Japan Karate Association. He holds a third degree black belt in Japanese Shotokan Karate and is a certified instructor. He is also certified as an instructor of Shanti Yoga and Meditation, Tai Chi and has practiced Shiatsu Massage for over 25 years. In addition, he has extensive knowledge of Iyengar Yoga, White Crane Qigong, Okinawan Karate, Shorinji Kenpo, and Zen Meditation. He has taught classes in breathing and martial arts at Tulane University, Dartmouth College, UCONN, and the University of Vermont as well as at the Sakai Shibu in Osaka, Japan, and the Shanti Yoga Meditation Institute on the Gold Coast of Australia. He travels widely and conducts personal training workshops in Zen Yoga, Breathing, Quietism and the martial arts.  Aaron is available for demonstrations, seminars, workshops and personal training courses.
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Books by Aaron Hoopes
-Perfecting Ourselves: Coordinating Body, Mind and Spirit
-Breathe Smart: The Secret of Happiness, Health and Long Life
-Zen Yoga: A Path to Enlightenment Through Breathing, Movement and Meditation.
-Tales of Ancient Wisdom: The Adventures of Zin
-Catch the Cat (healthy children's book)
-Zen Anti-Diet: Mindful Eating for Health, Vitality and Weight Loss

Deep Relaxation CD by Aaron Hoopes
Inner Sunrise: Guided Meditation Journey

DVD by Aaron Hoopes
-Zen Yoga Daily Warm-Up DVD.
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Title:   Breathe Smart : The Secret to Happiness, Health and Long Life-2Nd Edition
Author:   Aaron Hoopes
Publisher:   Zen Yoga Press
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