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Bad Law, A Novel

By: William McGrane

"Hard cases, it is said, make bad law. But they can also make good novels, and William McGrane has done so with a gripping tale of the seamy side of law practice; replete with ethical crises and missteps; heartless firm politics; and the brutal, fragile road to success. The story may make you uncomfortable because the fiction is only a disguise for reality, a reality many of us have faced. But, fiction or fact, Mr. McGrane’s crisply written, insightful and unyielding novel holds you until its conclusion—and even then it stays with you." Jerome Shestack, Esq., former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, Past President of the American Bar Association, and 2006 winner of the American Bar Association Medal. "Wonderful book. I tried to persuade my wife, Kim, that some of the Bad Law stories were fictional, but she didn't believe me." Richard Plumridge, Esq., former senior partner at Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison, LLP. "William McGrane takes us on a disturbing ride through the underbelly of big-city law practice, along with a cast of characters much too close for comfort to the real thing." ...

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