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Bozo and the Storyteller

By: Matt Jones

...narrative like a collective dream. The Hoomans believe the weather to be a matter of chance, a science of equations and circumstance with the odds he... ...e bed and Theo scooped up the blankets from the f oor and dived on to the mattress. At the same moment Sandra entered the room with a candle in her ... ... Theo, he said to himself. You may have amnesia but you’re not crazy – no matter what the doctors think. He breathed a sigh of relief. It was good t... ...he answer sat at the back of Theo’s throat and he couldn’t swallow it, no matter how hard he tried. His mouth ran dry and the room fell silent as th... ... changed everything. Fear, ha- tred and murder can encircle the world in a matter of minutes. A voice on a radio can incite millions to rise in viole...

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