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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

... power of national banks, moneyed capitalists…money: filthy lucre, capitalist deathsheads: the Jewish Rothschild family intermarrying with English, A... ...Harbor was going to be bombed and letting Americans die so he could use their deaths as an excuse to declare war. Just like Bush Jr. used the pre-kn... ...first would-be skinners lost their own skins in the process and died horrible deaths. They were literally skinned alive by their own evils… they di... ...oing it? No. Even with horrible signs and catastrophes, and sufferings, and deaths… these unwanted scum were forced back again and again, so the i... ...Why wasn’t Fort Comfort just 35 miles away beset with the same afflictions and deaths and starvation and disease, and rebellion and intrigue and pois... ...g John Silver was given a new life as a fictional character: on the BBC in the 1950’s. But not as he was shown to be in the book. Instead… he was g... ...and thumbing their noses at legalized corruption and legalized authority. The 1950's back & white TV series of Long John Silver is long gone and cove...

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