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What Is Coming a Forecast of Things after the War

By: H. G. Wells

...s as that men will probably be making aeroplanes of an improved pattern in 1950, or that there will be a through railway connection between Constantin... ...if effective military aviation or aerial fighting would be possible before 1950, which is a miss on the other side. He will draw a modest veil over ce... ...idity, and holds back women from the face of danger and brave and horrible deaths. It is West to Miss Robins’ East. And yet I believe I am right in sa... ...l- lectual movement in Islam, a renascent Bagdad, is as inevi- table as is 1950. I have, however, gone a little beyond the discussion of the future of... ... be aloof from these hostilities and resentments. The world will still, in 1950 or so, be throwing much passion into the rights and wrongs of the sink...

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