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Cyclopedia of Economics

By: Sam Vaknin

...material to the one fetus created. The egg and sperm can be compared to the famous wave function (state vector) in quantum mechanics – the represen... ...tates (=millions of potential embryos and lives). The fetus is the collapse of the wave function: it represents a much more limited set of potentia... ...de and supersede one's moral obligations towards non- affiliated humans. Thus, an American's moral obligation to safeguard the lives of American f... ...igation to save the lives of innocent civilians, however numerous, if they are not Americans. The larger the number of positive self-definitions I ... ...m" still reign supreme. In extreme - though surprisingly frequent - cases, whole groups (typically minorities) are excluded from the nation's mor... ...scheme known as the stock exchange, this expectation is proportional to liquidity - new suckers - and volatility. Thus, the price of any given stock... ...Honderich, Ted, ed. - The Oxford Companion to Philosophy - Oxford University Press, New York, 1995 - p. 31) Anarchists are not opposed to organizat... ...ists (like musicians) - often describe their interpretation of an artwork (e.g., a musical piece) in terms of this type of intuition. Many mathemat... ...nt individualism play an important socio-cultural role in this semipternal game of musical chairs. Many products have a limited shelf life or an ex...

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