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The Brothers Karamazov

By: Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky

...ur sorrow ,” scoff- ers said to him. Many even added that he was glad of a new comic part in which to play the buffoon, and that it was simply to make... ...d always hated his first mistress, Adelaida Ivanovna, took the side of his new mistress. He championed her cause, abus- ing Fyodor Pavlovitch in a man... ... eyes. The latter turned round, and noticing that Miusov was watching him, waved him a kiss. “Well, are you coming to the Superior?” Miusov asked Ivan... ...He used to dress up in a sheet as though it were a surplice, and sang, and waved some object over the dead cat as though it were a censer. All this he... ...d of Grushenka in a sort of rapture. She held out her hand with a charming musical, nervous little laugh, watched the “sweet young lady,” and obviousl... ... turned away, wringing his hands. Grushenka ran out of the house, laughing musically. Katerina Ivanovna went into a fit of hysterics. She sobbed, ... ... the witnesses for the defence and for the prosecution were separated into groups by the President, and whether it was arranged to call them in a cert... ..., already. Even though Grusha will be with me. Just look at her; is she an American? She is Russian, Russian to the marrow of her bones; she will be h... ...s soon as we’ve learnt it—good-bye to America! We’ll run here to Russia as American citizens. Don’t be uneasy—we would not 722 THE BROTHERS KARAMAZO...

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